Talking to Eric

Happy Friday! 

So on top of my FEAR that I told you about… we haven’t been able to talk to Eric since last Wednesday!!! The phones at the orphanage were down… and despite the number of times I would dial the number, hear the busy/not working signal, hang up, repeat… the call would not go through. We weren’t able to talk to our Eric. UGH!!!  We didn’t even have a way to tell him Happy Birthday. My heart was broken… on top of being utterly fearful.
Not. A. Good. Week. for the emotions! 
I cannot even begin to tell you how much I wanted to talk to our kiddo. We missed him so bad… and just wanted a night like this picture again – with our computer, phone, and Eric on the other end of that call. 
FINALLY… the phones were restored and working again YESTERDAY!!! It’s a good thing… or I might have had to hop on a plane to Belize to help get things sorted out… ya know… a mom has to do what a mom has to do! 
Oh my goodness… it was the BEST thing in the world to hear Eric’s voice last night on the phone.  We both just screamed, “Eric… WE MISSED YOU!” He told us he missed us too.  We talked about the week, finally told him happy birthday, told him about his AMAZING party, and reminded him of all the people who already love him and can’t wait for him to be HOME! We apologized that we weren’t able to talk to him and explained that the phones had been broken.  He said that he was getting worried that we weren’t coming or calling again.  TEAR MY HEART IN TWO!  He told us that he couldn’t wait to be up here with us… oh, how we know.  Ya know… I have all the respect in the world for individuals who work for departments in ALL countries who care for kiddos and work to get them with families… but I just want them  to hurry up! My son is sad… in another country… waiting for us to come. I’m just sayin’… I’d hop on a plane RIGHT NOW and go get him, but there’s policies and procedures that must be followed (which I totally understand)… just wish it would happen a little, ok a LOT, faster. 
We sent him a birthday care package – which he got last week. It was complete with cargo pants (as requested), a t-shirt, huge lollipop, an artist’s book, drawing pencils, a teddy bear, a card with a picture of us in it, and an entire bag of jolly ranchers! He told us it was the best present in all the world. The day he got it, he said he stayed up and by the next morning ALL the jolly ranchers were gone! HILARIOUS!! He ate them all! He’ll fit in well around here! 🙂 
I love how God is bringing our family together over a phone – conversations, assurance, prayer. It’s so good. I seriously CAN.NOT.WAIT for him to be with us. 
Please continue to pray for that medical form. God is good and perfect and in COMPLETE control. He is able and He can get that form to our lawyer. Let’s continue to ask in faith. 
Pray for Eric’s heart… that God would comfort him and love on him and reassure him that we will NOT leave him as an orphan. We will come for him! 
Thanks for reading this and supporting our adoption by the way. 🙂 

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