Thanksgiving – a tear jerker for sure!

Jacob shared this video during our youth service last week. Right after he pushed play, he whispered in my ear, “Umm… this might make you cry.” SERIOUSLY? Might make me cry? I was blubbering like a crazy woman. I couldn’t stop. This is so precious. Then he proceeded to tell the youth how thankful he was for me… just showing off and being a great husband.  All the while… I’m in the back of the room playing an impossible game of “GET A GRIP” with myself… I was losing.  Youth were snickering at my loss of control… oh well. Sorry if I made you cry… I sympathize with you!

We are so thankful for adoption and what it means to us. Although I wish, more than anything, Eric was here to celebrate Thanksgiving with his new family this year, it’s okay. I threatened many times that if he wasn’t here by __________ (insert event) that I would need to be put in an insane asylum. Well… that hasn’t happened yet… thank the Lord… not that I didn’t need it at times. Eric is still not here, and I’m okay… we’re okay… because we believe in a God bigger than time and location. I am beyond thankful for my son regardless of where he is. Yes, life will look different when he actually gets here. Our grocery bill will increase, our sleep will decrease, and the “interruptions” of life will look a lot different… but we can’t wait. I can’t wait to trip over video game cords/controllers, to have discussions about doing homework, to explain to people that yes… he is my son, to get NO sleep during sleepovers, to spend hours at a ballpark for practice and games, and to cook for 2 very hungry gentleman… who both love candy and meat. Life will look different… but I am so thankful… so so thankful.

I am thankful for waiting (wow… that’s tough to say). I am thankful for the learning that comes with it. I am thankful for Jacob… no words here. I am thankful for our family and friends and church… I have struggled with conveying our gratitude to them since day one… Eric’s adoption is forever a testimony of the love and community of you all. I am forever grateful to my God – provider, sustainer, keeper of my sanity, lover of my emotional heart, and defender of orphans. I have learned so much since last Thanksgiving. We had no clue what the year would hold and ALL the red tape and PAPERWORK that we would encounter.  We banked on the idea that Eric would be here by this year’s feast. God’s timing is perfect and not a moment late.

Thankful and expecting great things this year…

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