A Happy Post – Good times!

A happy post. We all need those! 
The past few weeks… although filled with anxious thoughts and prayers for that dern medical form… have also been filled with really great stuff! 

Over Thanksgiving break, we got to see our family! I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to, but it seems like when you live out of town and come home… you are running all over the place to see everyone and hug every neck. So… sometimes my photography skills lack. ‘Tis life.

Us with mom

Us with Nanny and Pawpaw.  
When Nanny saw this she said “Wow, I’ve turned into a little shrimp!” Haha. 
She also said no one told her it was Thanksgiving! So, I told her it was a surprise Thanksgiving party for her! She liked that… whatever works! 
Love them. 

Then, me and mom headed up to Nashville to meet lil’ Grant and see my besties!! 
It was a fabulous time! 

Have you ever seen more handsome fellas? 

That night we went out to eat and I told Isaac Henry I was his date. He liked that. 
They said all the way to the restaurant he was saying, “Anna. date. anna. date.” 
Yep… I like him. Pretty cute couple I might say. 

We finally got a family picture with Jubi in it!! 
I love our family.
I can’t wait until Eric is smack dab in the middle of it! 
Soon… I hope.

When we got back home, we had our College group Christmas party.
These people are awesome! 

I know I’ve talked about them often… but they really are amazing. 
I’ve never seen such love… such unity… such transparency in a group that’s so different. 

We played Dirty Santa… and Jacob got his beloved Christmas Tree Cakes! 
He’s a happy man. BUT… he’s so generous these days… he took all of them to SHARE with our new pelican friends at training!  

 Last week we were blessed to go to Praying Pelican Missions training. Although we haven’t officially started with them, they want us to be equipped to do ministry WELL when we are able to start. So thankful for people around us having favor on us during all our chaos! It’s good! 

Clearwater, FL for training… yep, I’ll take it!  

We had fun. 
Thankful that we love each other enough that we are actually EXCITED about working for the same organization, in the same home, going to the same country, being on the same emails… it’s good! 

Wanna laugh? 
Okay… we saw a pig… on a leash… walking down the street! Good stuff people.

Love doing life with this man. 

We also got to celebrate a marriage… one of my favorite things! 
It was a lovely occasion! 

Here we are with the lovely couple – Amber & Patrick. Patrick is a youth pastor as well.
There’s just some things that only a youth pastor and his bride can understand. I’ve loved getting to know them and hope to continue to encourage them in their ministry. Pumped to see what all God does with them!

Here’s Jenna.
I love thee. Don’t know what I would have done without her in Troy this year. She is a blessing. I know God has LOTS planned for her. Love her heart – for Jesus, for girls, for missions, and for intentional relationships. She rocks! 

 Yay for good times. New things. Great friends. Family is always good. 

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