A Belated Christmas

PRAISE THE LORD! The medical form has been received!

What’s next you might ask?
to clarify – this medical form was needed to meet the state of Alabama pre-adopt requirements. It’s usually (for families from every other state) not needed until after the adoption is finalized in country… but for us… we needed it before we could travel. Go figure…
Since it’s been sent (and IF it’s enough), the Article 5 Letter will be released from the US Embassy. Not sure exactly what the letter says, but it, I think, gives us permission to come to Belize for the adoption process.
Once that is sent, there will be some meetings with Eric, our attorney, and his caseworker in Belize within the legal system to ensure everything is ready to go.  Then… OUR COURT DATES! The dates we will be in Belize to GET OUR SON!!! Oh… what a day that will be! Can you imagine what a wreck/crazy lady I’ll be in the airport???? O wow! 

So… if you haven’t figured it out yet, Eric will not be here for December 25th. It is was it is. I know God is able and He is completely in control and that there are reasons. There are things going on that we cannot see. I wanted Eric to be here so bad. It breaks my heart that he won’t be. It makes me mad (really… mad. I feel like a 5-year old that wants to have a tantrum) that I have to send a small Christmas present to Belize. I hate, most of all, that he has to spend yet another Christmas in the orphanage. I had imagined this Christmas, December 25th, so perfectly in my head… our whole family… including Eric… just celebrating. But… things don’t always go my way.

What does that mean for us?
Well… in all honesty… I want to be the Grinch. I want to be a bah-hum-bug and just gripe and feel sorry for all of the above. I want to mope around and just be frustrated because it didn’t happen how I dreamed… and prayed.
But… I can’t. I won’t. I must cherish everyday with Jacob… out last few weeks (God willing) as a married couple without kiddos.  I must be joyful. I must put my hope in Jesus… not in the events or delays surrounding this adoption… that’s tough sometimes.
And Christmas… well Christmas will just come a little late for the Morgans this year. Our tree will be up, presents will be wrapped, stockings will be hanging, wreaths will be mounted, and Christmas music playing UNTIL ERIC IS HOME! We will have Christmas together. We will have family together… celebrating Jesus birth and Eric’s arrival. We will have present time, yummy food, and good times. We will take pictures with the Christmas tree. We will find a Santa Claus (Hey… Big-D!) We may even send out Christmas cards (just laugh and hang it up if you get one in February… haha!).

On that note – please forgive me if you don’t receive Christmas cards from us before December 25th… because you probably won’t. Please forgive me if you don’t even get a present from us yet (it’s coming). Please just have some mercy on me this year… I’m a little all over the place.

I can’t wait to watch Eric see his first bedroom all to himself. Can’t wait to see him open presents that are all his. Can’t wait to read the the Christmas story with him. Can’t wait… 

Our God is good… He always is. He cannot fail us. He will always defend the fatherless. Just because I prayed fervently for our Eric to be here by Christmas and it’s not turning out like I hoped, DOES NOT mean He didn’t hear or He isn’t faithful. He is a Good Father. He only gives good things to His children. His plans are not for evil. He is teaching us and molding us into the mom and dad Eric needs.

PRAY PRAY PRAY for quick processes, for court dates to be set up quickly, for everything to fall together EXACTLY how it should. Pray for my sanity… and Jacob’s. Pray that Eric would be comforted and that he knows, with no doubt, that he is loved and wanted… that his family is so anxious to come and get him! 

I’ll leave you with my favorite Christmas song… I thought this version was fun:

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