That awkward post – fUnDrAiSiNg

Fundraising… it’s an awkward thing. It just is. 

Many people stay far from it, but it seems God has called us Morgans to be life-long FUNdraisers! Woopie! With the adoption… we have some experience at it! Fundraising salaries is what I like to call a HEAD-FIRST DIVE OF FAITH! Here we go… S.P.L.A.S.H.

We have discussed this, prayed about it, and gotten advice from others about this whole issue of fundraising.  I’ve come to some conclusions:

It’s Biblical – Paul did it (asking and working), Jesus did it (working and relying on others’ gifts), priests did it (relying on others’ gifts and God’s providence), and the disciples did it (working and relying on others’ support)… just to name a few. 

It looks different for everyone – some may just rely on donations from others, some may work/sell things to raise additional funds, some may ask, some may pray, some may call, some may make personal visits, etc. 

It’s The Church’s job to support missionaries – The global church is responsible for supporting those in the field. Support could = financially, prayerfully, in tangible ways, visiting, sharing their stories, etc. Paul, in his letters, always made sure to thank those churches and individuals that gave and supported and emphasized that doing so was glorifying God and increasing kingdom work. 

It’s ministryIf loving others, going to the ends of the earth, and serving are all considered ministry… why isn’t fundraising? Because it involves money doesn’t mean it’s the ‘secular’ part of ministry.  It should be done with the same passion, motivation, and prayer that other ministry is done. It’s all for Jesus in the end, right? 

It’s necessary – Just because people are doing God’s work full-time doesn’t mean they should mope around and complain about not having any money! That’s just silly! Missionaries should strive to be fully-funded! If God has given individual’s goals to achieve… why wouldn’t He help them honor those goals? It doesn’t seem right for people who are relying on support in some way not to be fully funded – whether that’s because of laziness, lack of faith, or fear. If God has called someone to the mission field… we should call of Him for our raised funds! Funds are necessary for life – for food, housing, transportation, kiddo’s needs, etc. 

So… with that said, I want to give you a run down of what’s going to be happening WHEN we start with Praying Pelican Missions. FYI – People can begin giving/supporting us now. The money will not be released to us until we start, but we would love to have a base of support for when that happens (AKA… when Eric arrives). Here’s the dealio: 

We’ve truly been blessed to have Praying Pelican give us each a small salary ($12,000/year), with the possibility of earning more based on team recruitment, to help us with daily living expenses while we focus on serving.  Praying Pelican requires us to raise the remainder of our salaries directly through support of family and friends.  Financial support can be given as a one-time gift or as a monthly gift. Nugget of info – signing up for mission trips with us also supports us – win/win right there! Everything that is given in support will go towards our personal living expenses/necessities.  Without such support, we would not be able to go after this awesome task that God has put in our lives.

Jacob and I will do our part too! Jacob plans to do some major carpentry work… kinda like Jesus. He’s going to make lots of furniture, pallet art, and maybe a few clocks. I plan to do some interpreting for some college classes… because that’s my fav, sell Origami Owl jewelry, and help with the pallet art! Stay tuned for some of our crafts!!! 

How can you get involved? There’s 3 ways to support our ministry: 
#1 GO ON an AMAZING mission trip with PPM! Check it out here!! 
#2 Pray!!!!! Please pray! 
#3 Give financially (if you feel led, instructions are below)


  • 95.5% will be given to us. 4.5% is used to cover credit card fees and processing fees by Praying Pelican Missions.
  • Give Here! 
  • Go to  
  • Scroll down until you see “Anna & Jacob Morgan” 
  • You can select Donate to do a one-time donation or select the amount you want to subscribe monthly.  You’ll be asked to fill in your information once you click on the option you prefer. 


  • 95.5% will be given to us. 4.5% is to cover processing fees by Praying Pelican Missions.
  • Write check to Praying Pelican Missions (do NOT put our names anywhere on the check.) Include a note with the check stating: “Support for Jacob and Anna Morgan” and your email address to receive a receipt via email or your mailing address to receive a receipt by mail.
Mail to:
Praying Pelican Missions
4899 Miller Trunk Hwy, Suite 216
Duluth, MN 55811
  • Once the check is received by Praying Pelican Missions, it will be processed within 7 business days.  A receipt will be sent to you after the check has been processed. 

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