Check out the new website, adoption info, and more!

Pretty spiffy huh? My hubs is pretty talented.

He’s worked… and is working… to get it up and running! Poor guy… he’s had to listen and work with me to get it looking nice! Now everything will be right here. We will be like Walmart – one-stop shopping with the Morgans. Soon, we will literally have a store where you can purchase things to support our ministry (adoption & missions) on the “Our Store” tab. I’m pumped about it!

Make sure to check out all the pages and let us know what you think about the new site! And don’t fear – my beloved blog is all here… right on the “Blog” tab… go figure! And, GET PUMPED… because Jacob will be making a blogging appearance very soon!

We’ve been living the hard life during the Christmas break… just playing some games, hanging out with great friends, putting together Eric’s puzzle (AWESOME!!), and waiting for the court/travel dates.

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By the way… I beat Jacob at Monopoly! I don’t think I have EVER won at that game! I was so proud. He was severely upset because… that is his VERY favorite game. Oops… but… he did beat me in Scrabble. Boo.

We still don’t have those travel dates… so keep praying people! We REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna go get our  kiddo THIS month! He is able. Check out this verse that I rediscovered this week… yes!

“Is anything too hard for the LORD?…” Genesis 18:14

Nope… nope it’s not.

So… we are still WAITING. I know many of you are just as anxious to meet Eric as we are to get him home. What a great day that will be!

A funny from talking to our boy – the other night we were talking about the food he wanted to try. He has seen commercials about Taco Bell (yes), Wendy’s (sure), Burger King (yuck), and a few others. Then he asked about different foods he had heard about and is curious about – rabbit, frog legs, steak, and… ARMADILLO?!?!?! Haha!! Jacob said, “Umm… we don’t eat armadillo buddy… that’s like a rat.” Eric said he had just heard that one of his friends ate one and it tasted like chicken. Well… that’s nice.

A sad from talking to our boy – he is so ready to be here. As much as we are antsy and tired of not knowing how to answer the questions of when… he is hating it even more. He is worried… we can hear it in his voice many nights. We talk about it with him. It’s tough. He wants to be here, and he is experiencing the same fears and worries… probably even more intense. We assure him daily that WE ARE COMING and that we LOVE him so so much! It breaks my heart when he’s upset… just wanna hug him. Soon… I hope… soon.

On a final note – if you would like to receive email updates from us Morgans, we would love to send info to ya! You can sign up HERE! I promise we won’t fill up your inbox with junk… just want to keep you in the loop and invite you to tell us about your life as well! We want to be in your loop, too!

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