Adoption & Life (Jacob’s View) Part 1

Well, as some of you may know, this last couple of years has been amazing, fun, tiring, stressful, and quite a few other emotions all wrapped in to one.  In the middle of the chaos I have tried to be the calm one of the Morgan clan.  There have been times where I have gone a little haywire, but I ultimately know (and have tried to make visible) that God has an amazing plan that is going to work in his perfect timing.

With that said, I have a few topics on my chest that may take a few blog posts to convey to all of our readers.  And before I begin I want everyone to realize that I am not Anna… My posts will not have random capitalized words and my writing is much more concise and sarcastic humor.  I just wanted to get that out of the way before we head down this road together.  I will also have a lot of proof reading from my wife, so that I don’t say things that I shouldn’t (If you know me then you understand).

So, as I sit at our kitchen table this afternoon I am reminded that we are very different people.  In fact, our kitchen table is shaped like a triangle and we liked it because it was abnormal.  Anna and I (especially Anna) have never been people to follow the crowd or to do something because it is trendy.  In fact, I can say that adoption has always been the plan.  We didn’t know why in the beginning, but we never had a doubt that is what we were going to do.  Now, some of you would say that is trendy, but not exactly when you can have biological children and just choose not to.  We love that God has not made us creatures of habit and that our lives are and will always be interesting.  That definitely has its pros and cons, but in the the eyes of the majority it is mostly con.

As most adoptive families can tell you, the questions from people that hear about your adoption are always entertaining.  I can tell you that when you are 25 and adopting a 14 year old, they are 10 times better.  Let’s be honest, people think you are nuts.  In fact, I almost feel like an alien to the majority of people (those of you that understand and don’t ask crazy/stupid questions, Thank You).  In reality, we don’t know what is happening and it seems that no one really does.  We have preconceived notions of what we think might happen with the adoption (what Anna tends to jump the gun on writing about), but we have no clue and no one state-side knows the answers until it actually happens.  Anna and I love the fact that so many people care about our family and want to help with our adoption, but to be the realist a lot of times we get lost in all of the questions.  We feel like we have to have answers, because so many people have supported us in this journey.  But, we don’t know most of the answers!!!  The lesson to be learned here is if you know a family that is adopting, or that you have supported in their adoption, please understand  that questions can sometimes make them truly stress out even worse than the waiting on their child to be home.  This week has been trying for me when it comes to questions, and to be honest, I was so frustrated that I demanded answers from our social worker (that obviously got me nowhere, see above).  With that said, Eric is not going to be here this month.  In fact, we don’t know when Eric is going to be here.  That doesn’t mean that anything has changed with our lives, but we are going to have to be patient with the courts in Belize.  They work at their own pace and it is very similar to the pace of our beloved US government… SLOW!

So, as I stated in the beginning, this has been a crazy, fun, exhausting, etc. time, but please continue to pray for our sanity in this process.  For anyone contemplating adoption, know that it will be the most rewarding and frustrating endeavor you have ever taken part in.  It will ultimately lead to love as Christ loved the church, but I cannot withhold the truth and say that getting there is very fun.

We love each and every one of you that cares about our family and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  We will continue to covet your prayers and pray that your family be blessed through our journey.  Also, we promise to keep everyone in the know and are going to try our best to be patient in releasing information in the future.

I will stop there until the next time I fell like unloading how I feel!  Be on the lookout for more from me in the near future.  We love you!


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