Talking on Skype with Eric

Yesterday we got to do something for the first time – Skype with Eric. We got to talk through video with him… see his face, see his smile, and him get to do the same.

He was at his friend, Gian’s house who has a computer and webcam, so we were able to connect in this way! Gian is the sweetest kid EVER (second to Eric of course)! He loves Eric and is SO excited about Eric having a mom and a dad. Gian Facebook messages me all the time to tell me the latest with Eric and asks me questions about what things will be like for him up here. Gian tells us he will miss Eric but he said he also “feels good” for him.  Eric goes to Gian’s house all the time. Gian and his momma, who I will HAVE to meet and hug, feed him pizza, take him places he needs to go, pays for him to play video games at school, and more. So thankful for people who love our kiddo. Anyways… we knew Skype was possible to do before, but we wanted him to decide when he wanted to call us from his friend’s house. Yesterday was the day!

No critical conversations happened, no revelations were had, but it was a huge stinkin’ deal! He invited us into his life… not just his life at the orphanage… but his everyday, fun life! He invited us into time with his closest friend. It kinda made me laugh because when he answered the call, he was chowing down on pizza and playing video games. He didn’t turn off all the equipment and put down the food to talk… he just sat us (the computer) on the arm of the chair and allowed us to be a part of the fun.  He is a teenage boy… and I love it!


It was like we were in the same living room, watching him play video games, being a part of the same sconversations, and getting to see our boy laugh. I loved it! That’s life. He WANTED us there… and that means the world to me.  Parents, isn’t that just the best feeling when your kiddo just WANTS you there? YES! We asked him if it was weird with him being able to see our faces and us being there with his friends. He said, “Oh, no.” and just smiled. We literally sat there, hanging out, for over an hour yesterday. It was precious. I would have just sat with him all day. Can’t wait until we can…

I wish I could show you a full-on picture of his face, but our social worker said we can’t post those pictures since they aren’t officially from Belize. Sorry. But, if you know us, you can ask us to see our boy… we’d love to show him off! He’s super cute. Like… I’m a bit worried about getting him here. We are going to have to beat the girls away.  Belizean accent + cute face + perfect teeth + nice boy = trouble.  He is super handsome and has the best personality. Can’t wait for you all to meet him!

unnamed-1Yesterday was so good for my heart. It definitely makes me anxious for him to get here… I really love our family. I know we are not going to look like the norm and we are going to experience some interesting questions… but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know our life as a family of three will be packed with some hilarious stories, awkward times, sweet moments… but I hope it glorifies God and shows off His awesomeness all along the way.

Funny story to end it:

The other night we were talking to Eric. We were asking him more questions about food he wants to try – because that’s a really good subject with a teenage boy! Boys can eat, ya know? And he asked, “Do you know J-lo?” J-LO? Huh? Jenny from the Block, Jennifer Lopez, J-lo? Girl with insurance on her butt J-lo? “Yea buddy, we know J-lo…”

He said, “Well, can I have some J-lo?”

WHAT??? Super confused at this point. Neither one of us said anything for a few minutes… trying to figure out how we answer this question for our 14-yer-old son… and then I screamed: “OH!!! JELLO!!!!!”

“Yes,” he said, “I want JELLO. I love jello with milk…”

First of all… I’m glad he wasn’t actually asking for some J-Lo. Second… jello with milk??? Ummmm… okay. Either way, we told him he could have milk and jello anytime. I love milk and Jacob LOVES jello so it will work out perfectly!

Keep praying him home. Still waiting on those court dates.

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