Global Impact Celebration #FBCGIC2014

1625463_10100628495097786_771169411_nThis is the program packet for one of the coolest experiences we have had to date. It was called the Global Impact Celebration. There are many that take place in churches all over. First Baptist Troy has been in the process to become an “Acts 1:8 church” for over 2 years… this was a celebration of hard work and a catapult to the work that’s ahead. Missionaries from all over the world – here in Alabama, in the US, and from the ends of the earth gathered with the church for a week of God-work. And we, little ol’ us, were invited to be a part of this event. Humbling…

The goal of the weekend was to bring missionaries in, to expose the church and the community to the world of missions and the opportunities that are out there, to pray for the nations, and to mobilize the people to GO and MAKE disciples.

This event was super exciting for me, simply because of the them – Change our City, Change the World. Troy… a city in desperate need for revival and sparked passion.  Don’t get me wrong… we have seen some MAJOR God things in this city… but my heart has still ached and ached for the people to catch a glimpse of how big our God is. Here’s some pics from the weekend… they tell it better than my simple words:


The first night, we were blessed to sit under the teaching of Johnny Hunt and worship with an amazing choir. This was the kick off. One thing that I absolutely loved that he said was that everything starts at the top – in a church, in a business, in a family – whatever is important to the leader will be important to those who follow. It’s so key – if a pastor is passionately and completely sold out to missions, holds prayer as upmost important, and studies Scripture because he loves it… the church will do the same. If a father prioritizes sports and self and money more than family and his relationship with God… the family will do the same. It’s key. It’s toe-stepping. He also encouraged us… when we are obedient… even when it hurts – in giving, in  going, and in praying – God provides. He is faithful. He shows up. He cannot fail.

1656049_10100629886888626_1764388654_nWe had the awesome privilege of sitting in the same room with saints from all over the world. We heard stories of God moving in the nations and places – in India, in Sudan, in Costa Rica, in Mexico, in New York City, in Panama City Beach, in Troy, in Alabama, and beyond. God is at work… DO NOT MISS OUT! It’s incredible.  Pray for strength and encouragement for the missionaries and laborers for the harvest. God is not dead! I can’t even do the stories justice by typing them – water has been given to people all over Africa who have never had clean water… and have been introduced to the Living Water. Orphans all over the world are being advocated for… especially in India. There is a church planting movement happening in India… they said it’s literally a MOVEMENT and pastors from nearby countries are coming there to learn HOW to do it! NUTS! Churches are being planted and people are being disciples in some of the biggest/busiest/partying cities we know – New York City and Panama City Beach!

We had the honor to meet some really great people from Costa Rica, Leda and Jose. They are missionaries there… trying to support the local pastors, communities, and empower the teenagers there to live worthy lives – without drugs and prostitution.  We, along with Leda and Jose, were “adopted” by a Sunday School class and were invited to one of their houses for dinner and conversation one night. It was a pretty ballin’ house… complete with a swing IN THE LIVING ROOM!!! What?!?! Loved getting to know more people in Troy, hear their hearts, and see eyes begin to open and minds begin to change.



One night they had a service called “Taste of Missions.” It was truly awesome! There were stations set up where people could literally TASTE different mission sites – China, Mexico, Africa, the US, and more. Over 250 people came, SAW, and TASTED.


The next morning we went out to pray over our city. There were teams of people going all over – praying for the schools, the city leaders, the ones behind bars, the churches, and more. We prayed for unity, discernment, wisdom, and REVIVAL for our city. Powerful stuff I tell ya…


Sunday morning was I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. I don’t know a deep enough word to use for it. It was a morning leading up to the Faith Commitment of the church. The church had been preached to and encouraged to pray about the amount of money they would sacrifice to support the ministries represented by each of the missionaries. The worship made me want to take off down the aisle and dance like a crazy woman! I held back because I know a few Southern Baptists might be a little freaked out by that! Ha! So I restrained myself and just jumped and danced right by my hubs who already knows I’m crazy!

It was truly a Revelation 7:9-10 moment. There were people from Korea, China, India, Mexico, Italy, and Costa Rica singing with us about the greatness of our God.

After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands. 10 And they cried out in a loud voice:

“Salvation belongs to our God,
who sits on the throne,
and to the Lamb.”

15072_10100632567032596_1724317633_n This was the scene Sunday night at the Life Commitment service. This was a call and commissioning for those who wanted to GO and MAKE disciples. Dr. Jerry Rankin, former president of the IMB spoke. At the end, the pastor gave the invitation to the church to place the commitment cards at the altar. The cards had 4 options that could be marked:

1. To go into full-time missions.

2. To go on a short-term mission trip… or a few.

3. To find their place in their local church.

4. To stand beside their children/grandchildren when they decided to follow the call to go. 

Pretty intense commitments. Pretty intense “invitation.” It would have been worth it and awesome if 1 person made a commitment… but it wasn’t just one person. HUNDREDS… and I mean HUNDREDS of people flooded the altar with their commitment cards in hand. JAW-DROPPING! IN AWE! The young, the old, families, college students… all knelt at the altar trying to figure out what in the world God wants them to do! AWESOME.

I’m so excited about what God has planned for the city of Troy… and for this world. Don’t miss out! What do you need to commit to God, the only One worth trusting?

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