And Jesus was a carpenter…

Warning: This blog is going to be a hodgepodge of stuff I’m learning and things that’s happened… so good luck below.

First… I just love hearing people that love Jesus say His name. I know that’s kind of strange… but when I hear someone say the name of Jesus that really loves Him… it just sounds great!


The Bible tells us that Jesus was a carpenter by trade. Have you ever tried to build something… or be the assistant for someone who is? Well… I have. Last week I was “helping” Jacob build a table. Ya know… sometimes the wood doesn’t corporate, the tools break, your assistant isn’t very strong, or something goes wrong.  It may make ya wanna cuss! Get this… back in Jesus’ day, there were no power tools, tape measures, or levelers… AND JESUS WAS PERFECT!!! WHAT?!?! Jesus never cussed, never said God’s name in vain, never acted on anger, never threw a board across a carport (not that Jacob did that)… JESUS WAS PERFECT! How? How? Just How?

Thankful that He is… because even in the simple stuff I totally get it wrong!

We did survive the Snowmaggedon 2014 here in Alabama! Thankfully we didn’t get stuck in our car on the road anywhere… that would have been interesting and I’m sure I would have a lot to say about that, but being as though we didn’t, I don’t know what I learned from it… but it sure was fun! We went sledding… actually it was more like sliding down a hill on a tarp, played with the dogs, and stomped around in the snow! Walter and Jubi (the dogs) absolutely LOVED the snow. They went nuts… just ran around and around and around! Hilarious! I’ve never seen Jubi so hyper.


Doesn’t Walter look like he’s having a BLAST!?! That’s because he is!


This past weekend we were able to go to MERGE – 7 churches, 3 denominations coming together for a community-wide youth event, similar to a D-Now! It’s just an incredible thing! I was humbled and amazed. I looked around saw the girls that I love, have taught, poured into, and encouraged… being small groups leaders. They were the heroes of the weekend – teaching and modeling Jesus for the younger. Why would Jesus allow me to be a part of it all? Why would He allow me, with the imperfections and all my craziness, to be a part of the chain of discipleship He is forming? It baffles me. Paul tells those in the Corinthian church to imitate him… to copy him because he would lead them to Jesus. I’ve tried to challenge and ask myself throughout the past few years if my life was worth imitating. I hope it is… because some of the things I saw the leaders doing were exactly what I have done in the past with them – buying their girls bandanas to wear, going absolutely crazy and dancing with them during worship, being completely transparent with them during Biblestudies… with the hope that they’d do the same in return, loving them more than they can explain in words, and feeling completely inadequate. Thankful. These now leaders are my joy. I am utterly humbled and awed by how God chooses to use me… me.

See one of my girls, Dorothy, and her heart behind MERGE weekend here

It’s extremely terrifying to be a model for others… and we all are whether we asked for it or not. To hear and see when they actually are imitating you… the parts you have been trying to engrave on them… it makes you just want to sit in the middle of the floor and weep. Humbling.


Friday night at about 8:00, Jacob and I decided that Saturday would be the day of our yard sale. I know… who else has a yard sale in February after a snow storm? Well… we do of course. We don’t do anything “normal.” We saw that the weather was going to be decent and warmer… so we got word out and put signs up.  We prayed things would sell and… guess what!?!? They did!!! We made over $1,000 on the day for adoption/missions and got rid of a lot of junk! Woot Woot! I think everyone in our town had cabin fever and were tired of being stuck in the house, so the people were out in full force! Fun times!

And look at these AWESOME earring one of my favorite people got me!!! I LOVE them… probably going to wear them everyday for the rest of my life! Yes! I know you are jealous… THEY HAVE THE WORLD ON THEM!!!


And here are some fun pics of some great friends! Thankful for them…




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