FINALLY!!! Court date and TRAVEL dates!!!


We have the second court date!!! PRAISE THE LORD! The second court date is Friday, March 21st! This is the day that Jacob and I will officially/legally become Eric’s dad and mom and when his name will change to Eric Morgan!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

What does this mean?

I’m glad you asked. I asked the same thing when our social worker called me. She was so excited and told me about our second court date and I just kinda sat there.  She said, “You can react however you want to… are you happy?” and I just replied, “I just need to know what this means!” Haha! I am so pumped… I just wanted to know when I can get my son!!!

So… One week after the court date (3/28) the adoption decree will be ready – this is the official letter from the Supreme Court saying our adoption is finalized! Once that is ready and our appointments at the Embassy are set… WE TRAVEL TO GET HIM!!!  The social worker said we will be traveling the 1st or 2nd week of April… HE WILL BE HOME MID-APRIL… right in time for Jacob’s birthday and Easter!!!! Oh Jesus… you are so funny!

How did Eric react???

Well I’m glad you asked. Here is a video of us telling him!!!! So awesome!!!!!

(cue the angels singing “The Doxology” or something pretty)

Can you just sit back and breathe with me now? Our son, Eric Morgan, will be here… in our house, eating dinner with us, playing video games with us, riding around in our car… in a month!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!

Please be praying everything goes smoothly! Pray for Eric and his heart as he gets ready to transition. Pray that God would be glorified in every single step – in more waiting, in the airport, every person who sees our file, in the Embassy, and beyond!!!!

Although I’ve hated the waiting… I have grown so much and I know Jacob has too. It’s all gonna be worth it!!!!


  1. What AWESOME news!!! PRAISE HIM!!! I am so proud for y’all and for Eric!! Let the countdown begin!! We love y’all!!

  2. I am super excited! Only in God’s timing could this occur. Keep us posted. I can’t wait to meet Eric and to see you all in Troy sometime!! We miss and love y’all!

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