Help us bring Eric home in APRIL!!

Buy a puzzle piece here!!

Such an exciting week!! We got the 2nd court date and see the light at the end of this really long adoption tunnel.

****Court date: March 21st****

This is the day we will OFFICIALLY become parents!!! woot! BUT… At this point, we cannot book our flights/travel to go pick up Eric… (UGH!!! I am really tired of this anxious waiting… but I guess God isn’t done teaching me about this trust thing yet… come on now!).  According to the US Embassy in Belize, we have to wait until the adoption decree is in our lawyer’s hands to make our required interview appointment with them… so AFTER March 21st. PLEASE pray that the document is processed SUPER fast. Once it’s in hand, we can then make the appointment at the Embassy and book our flights around that date. We WILL be traveling in April. So… basically we will be booking flights about a week out. Expensive $$$$, eh?  Our flights could cost around $1,000 each. Then, we have to book Eric’s ONE WAY flight!!! woo hoo! (so so good) That flight will be about $600 ish. So it could be up to $2,600 just in flights… ouch!

We do have some of the funds available for the flights but not all. We would love for you to partner with us in getting him home and into his forever family!

1499386_10100597159968636_984954182_nThis is our LAST fundraising effort for this adoption! Woohoo!! To complete our 500 piece puzzle that we started some time ago… we have 146 pieces to go! Each puzzle piece is $10 and names will be written on each and every piece so Eric knows about all the people that have helped us bring him home! The puzzle will be hung in Eric’s room! If we completed the puzzle and raised the funds from this, we would be GOOD TO GO!

Here’s how you can help us bring Eric home in April:

  • Go to this website to SUPPORT OUR ADOPTION
  • Fill out the amount you wish to give and your credit card/PayPal info
  • In the comments section on the review page, please enter the name(s) you want written on the puzzle piece(s) you purchase. Each piece is $10.
  • We will be notified of your donation, we will write your name(s) on the piece(s), and get ready to tell Eric all about you!

Thanks for all your prayers, concern, rejoicing, help, support, and everything in between!! We cannot WAIT to get our Eric home! We can’t wait for all of you to meet him… he’s super awesome!

Jacob writing names on pieces and putting the puzzle together

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