544 days of adoption…

Jacob and I are so excited to be Eric’s parents!!  We still have a wait until we go get him… waiting for the court to finalize some stuff, making the Embassy appointment, and so on. We are still set to travel in April… just don’t know exact dates yet. We are so thankful that he is our son. People say, for some reason,  that Eric is a lucky boy to have us as parents… nope… we are the lucky ones.  He is and will always be our joy.

1014048_10100687655924016_1917810520_nThis has been a long road… 544 days to be exact. That’s a long time. It’s been full of joy. Full of frustration. Things haven’t gone like we thought or planned at times… and things have gone way better than we could have imagined at other times.  Here’s the timeline if you wanna see the wait in bullet points.

When people ask us how long we’ve been in the process, a year and a half doesn’t sound too bad. BUT 544 days puts it into perspective for this momma’s heart. It’s been 544 days since our first meeting with our social worker.

544 days of constantly checking my emails.

544 days of thinking about Eric and wondering what he’s doing, how he’s feeling, how his heart is… and just wanting to hug him.

544 days of absolute dependence on God.

544 days of the biggest, scariest, most out-of-control rollercoaster of emotions I’ve ever experienced.

544 days of waiting…

In these 544 days of waiting we’ve seen a lot. From the time we announced we were adopting until now…

  • We’ve made over 400 clocks to raise money for this adventure
  • Ami got married.
  • Celebrated 2 of Eric’s birthdays, 2 Thanksgivings, and 2 Christmases miles apart.
  • Went to Costa Rica… a trip that would change our lives AGAIN.
  • Got to be a part of amazing things within the youth/college/church groups – 2 MERGE Weekends, ski trips, summer camps, see people get saved, see people GET IT, women’s retreat, friendships, and so many more treasures.
  • Started selling Origami Owl.
  • Got Jubi.
  • Interpreted at 2 Passion conferences…
  • Graduated off amazing students from Troy high schools and the University.
  • Kelli got pregnant and had Raeleigh.
  • Lindsey Jo got pregnant and had Grant.
  • Ashley got pregnant and had Kylie.
  • Fun road trips with the hubs – Charleston, the beach (multiple times), Braves games, Ocala, and more!
  • We’ve had 3 yards sales.
  • Had Stephanie live with us. Had Matt live with us.
  • Watched my grandparents age, have health issues, and become pretty dependent on my mom, aunts, and uncle.
  • Made big changes.
  • Learned more than I ever thought possible…
  • To date, we’ve sold 494 puzzle pieces!! Holy moly!

There’s so much more we’ve seen and experienced in the past year and a half (544 days). It’s been a blessing… and a long wait.

And… what breaks my heart the most… is to our 544 days, Eric has been waiting 12+ years. That’s over 4,380 days waiting for a momma and daddy. Ugh. I’m just ready to go get him. I’m ready to live life together.

I am so excited about being a parent with Jacob. He’s going to be awesome. I love watching/hearing him talk about Eric and all the things he wants to do and teach him. I love trying to figure out stuff with him and realizing we (like most parents) don’t know what we’re doing. I love discussing the future with him – Eric’s schooling, what we think Eric’s going to do, family vacays, and more. I’m ready to teach him, play video games with him, go to soccer and basketball games together, do missions together, laugh together, and see if he likes my cooking. Can I just say… I’m just ready to be a family and just do life together???

I am SO thankful for the people who have stood around us throughout it all. For the people who have been on their knees with us. For the people who’s sent texts and letters and hugs. For the people who have had favor on us and supported us financially. Do you realize that we haven’t been in need of money this entire time? Never had to get a loan/borrow money. Never had to worry… because of all of you! It’s humbling… and I don’t know how to say thank you.

So… let’s keep praying our boy home. April… you are only a month away! HURRY UP!

God is good. He is faithful. He cannot fail.

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