We are going to BELIZE!!!!!!!

We will be flying to Belize on Wednesday, April 9th to get OUR SON!

FINALLY!!! We have travel dates! We will be leaving on a jet plane on Wednesday, April 9th for Belize! We will get to pick up Eric from the orphanage ON WEDNESDAY! He gets to stay with us the whole time!! We’ll be full-time parents from then on out!

Friday, April 11th (Jacob’s Birthday) we have our medical appointment in Belize. This is a clearance and requirement for our Embassy appointment.

Tuesday, April 15th is our appointment with the US Embassy in Belmopan, Belize. We will apply for his visa and do our final 20 minute interview with them during this time.


Funny thing is… we aren’t really sure when will be flying home yet! We will have to wait on Eric’s visa to be completed. We are hoping for April 18th-ish but aren’t 100% sure.  We will keep you updated!

Please be praying for us as we get our son NEXT WEEK! Pray for all of our appointments to go great, for transitioning into a family to be amazing, for peace of mind, and for God to get the glory! Thank you all for staying right beside us throughout this journey! We can’t wait to post pictures of the three of us together NEXT WEEK!!

Here’s what happened when we told Eric tonight –

Here’s a run down of what’s happened over the last week-ish:

We had our 2nd court date on March 21st. It didn’t go EXACTLY as planned… things were left a bit uncompleted, but we celebrated anyways!


We… actually YOU… finished the puzzle!! 500 pieces marked with names of people who love and support Eric!

10150674_10100691996201066_276991263_nGot word on March 28th that EVERYTHING was done and Eric was officially/legally our son!!! We celebrated in true fashion with Double Doozies from Great American Cookie!! YUM!

1948076_10100694339739596_2046356042_n-1My besties sent me flowers for being a momma!! It’s like being in the hospital and getting flowers… without all the yucky stuff!! Aren’t they GREAT (the flowers and the friends)???

10157136_10100694947366906_617852632_nAnd our niece, Eric’s cousin, Johanna (age 2) was upset the other night. Her mom asked her why. This was her response: (Eric is already so loved).


HE IS COMING!!!! Eric will be home soon!!!!! Praise the Lord!!

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  1. Anna and Jacob

    I am so proud of your continued faith and commitment to Eric. You two deserve to be parents and we are so happy for you. I cried watching the video. I miss your guys accents 🙂 I can remember your wedding day like it was yesterday. Everytime I look at the clock you guys made for us I think how much closer you are to having your son. And the time is now! Congrats and good luck. Safe travels. Looking forward to more updates! ❤ The Bailey's

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