Gotcha Day! Morgan Family of 3!!!

Finally! The day we have been waiting for. It’s taken 1 year and 9 months… but today was worth it all. God is so good. He is so faithful. Oh… I hope God gets SO much glory for us… so thankful to be a small part of His story. We are so lucky to by Eric’s mom and dad… so so blessed by him already!

We started super early… really we didn’t sleep because we were too excited… but we finally left the house at 4:00AM to catch our flight to Atlanta. In Atlanta our plane was delayed for 2 hours because the water on the plane broke! Haha! It was my “labor” day and the plane’s water broke! Pretty hilarious. Anyways… they had to get a new airplane for us so that took a while.



I was a pretty overwhelming, excited, nervous, crazy momma all day! Once it was time to board our flight to Belize I thought my heart was going to pump right out of my chest! I couldn’t wait!

When we landed in Belize, we were greeted by one of the Praying Pelican Missions full-time missionaries, Josh. God has been ALL OVER this adoption… in layers I can’t even explain… but here’s an insight into how into details our God is.  Josh and his family serve full time in Belize. Since he found out we were pursing adoption of Eric, he has been so helpful and offered his house during every season that we could have possibly been traveling. So, today Josh picked us up from the airport, carted us to the Department of Human Services office, took us somewhere good to eat, took us to go get our son, and made sure we made it where we needed to go. I have NO IDEA what we would have done without him. Also, the family just happens to be going on a family vacation this week while we are here. They have opened up their HOME to us… allowing us to stay there, cook meals together, get to know each other, and build a family while we are waiting and playing in Belize. SO GRATEFUL!! Here’s the family… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray that God would bless them like crazy just for loving and serving us selflessly.



Today the plan was to get to Belize, go to DHS and pick up Eric’s passport, and then get our son! We were told that it would take a long time at DHS to get the passport and fill out the paperwork. It didn’t. We were in and out of there in about 7 minutes! Hallelujah! Everything was set and ready for us to get what we needed and go get Eric.

I was so nervous and anxious driving up to the orphanage (will post pics later). What do you do? How do you start? What do you say? I don’t know.  As soon as we found him I just hugged him as tight as I could!!! His face lit up! He could finally breath. So many broken promises and unfinished starts… finally his mom and dad were there to get him! Oh… my heart.

We got to meet Ms. Augustine… the lady that has loved and cared for Eric the entire time he lived in the orphanage.  I squeezed her neck and we exchanged tears. I promised I would take good care of him. We gave her the bracelet we brought for her… and I thanked her again.  How do you thank the one lady who has been a constant and a caretaker and a supporter of your son?? I don’t know… but I tried.

I handed the slip of paper needed to check Eric out of his home for good… and into our family. No words can express all the emotions happening between the 3 of us.  So good… and crazy. We were finally together… he is ours… and we are his. I think I can finally breath again.

We got to hang out, eat together, give him some new gadgets, and just BE TOGETHER!!! He said today was the best day ever! 🙂 I agree! BOOM SATAN! Here’s some pictures from the day… MORGAN FAMILY OF 3!!!! Please meet… our Eric!!!











  1. Hi Anna and Jacob! You don’t know me, but I’m in Jared and Ashley’s Sunday school class and we have all been following your story. Just wanted to tell you how excited we are for you during this wonderful time. God is so good!! Praise The Lord for this victory for your family! We will all be praying for you and your son as you bring him home.

  2. Congratulations!!! I just cried with joy for you all!! May God richly bless the three of you and continue to use you and your story for His glory!!! What an awesome example of His grace and love!!!

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