Invited into the life of our son…

The past 2 days have been a whirlwind… an amazing whirlwind. It’s hard to put into words all that we have experienced with Eric. Thursday we had to go to the lawyer who handled our case in court to pick up the official documents and make dure everything was in order for the Embassy. The lawyer was super nice… made me even more thankful she was over our case. We then ate some pizza at a place called Peppers. This was the very first place we ate at when we came to Belize 2 years ago. It was YUMMY! So glad Eric likes pizza because it’s definitely in our weekly diet.


LOVE this picture. It was taken at the lawyer’s office. My fellas… lookin all cute.

After lunch we were able to go back to the orphanage to pick up Eric’s report card and school records. We are real parents now ya know? We were able to go to Eric’s school and see where he has learned and made friends for the past 5 years. I got to talk to his teachers, principal,  and the women who so strongly believed in him. Eric’s story is his to tell. It is forever a part of our lives.  It’s filled with hurt and overcoming and loss and gain. It’s his story to tell when he is ready. I hope and trust that his future is great and full of joy and wild adventures with the Lord. Here’s some of the sites and places that have been a part of his everyday life.


 This is Ms Augustine and Eric at the orphanage. She has loved him well as the director of the orphanage. Beyond grateful that she has cared for him. She cried when she hugged Eric good-bye… i know she’ll miss him but she is so excited for Eric. 



This is Eric’s school where he has attended for the past 5 years. He was able to go here because of his determination and a scholarship given to him by the woman pictured below.


Pictures of the school and classroom.



We were able to Facetime with the grandparents. Can’t wait for them to FINALLY meet him face to face!!


I’m sure our parents never imagined their first grandkid from us would be a 14 year old boy from Belize… but OH how they already love him!!!



We got to go to the grocery store as a family for the first time yesterday. It was a huge deal for my heart… actually living life together… figuring each other out… planning meals. So so good. And look at my Jacob being such as awesome DAD. Seriously… so blessed.

It has been more than I know how to explain to be here with Eric. More of my thoughts will come later… Once I’ve processed everything. This is just the facts of what’s been happening. Being here TOGETHER is the best thing ever. I can breath. We all can breath.  Eric has a mom and a dad. He has a family. He is adopted and loved more than he even knows. I hope and pray he loves and enjoys his new life as much as we will.


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