More from Belize!

Still doing great here in Belize! Yesterday we had to go to the doctor so that Eric could be cleared for our Embassy appointment on Tuesday.  The doctor actually got us in and out in 30 minutes! Much quicker than our American waiting rooms. 😉 Eric is healthy and already had most of his vaccines. Hallelujah!! He just had to get the Meningitis vaccine, get checked out, approved, and then we were on our way! I had to document the doc visit, of course. 20140411_111007   20140411_110758   After the doc we went to downtown Belize City to the mall just to walk through the shops. Fun times.  We also discovered Eric loves some frozen coffee with ice cream. 20140411_123036   20140411_124346   FYI – Jacob is doing phenomenal driving in Belize. We haven’t got lost. He is learning the roads and he’s just as aggressive as the Belizeans!! We went back to the house we were staying to hang out for the afternoon. We played board games. Seriously one of my favorite memories so far. We laughed. We cheered. Eric is competitive so he is fitting in great with us. He killed us at Yahtzee and Uno… and we were trying to beat him of course. Jacob and I don’t lay down to lose.  Then Jacob absolutely murdered us in Monopoly! Eric WOULD NOT give up! He wanted to beat him so bad… but Jacob eventually collected all the money and the property. Boo. IMG_20140411_162931 IMG_20140411_190341

For lunch we were able to eat with a another Praying Pelican friend. Cory was finishing up a trip and invited us to eat lunch with them. We were excited to hang out with him for a while. We got to eat legit Belizean BBQ made by one of the PPM bus driver’s wife.  It was delicious!




I just love my lil family of 3. My heart has never been so happy.

We were able to Facetime with our parents, Eric’s grandparents later. Eric got to “meet” Walter… the real meeting should be entertaining! Haha! Today we were able to Facetime with Johanna. This girl has been waiting for her Eric to get here for over a year. She was SO excited to finally talk to him today. She asked him if he would come read her princess books, what his favorite color is, his age, and she sang him the entire “Let It Go” song. Hilarious!!! She got me at the end of the conversation.  I seriously have held in the teats somehow. I didn’t even breakdown going to the orphanage… I’ve just been so excited! I know the tears will come… I just don’t know when. But when we were getting off the phone, Jojo said “Bye Eric! I LOVE YOU!” She really does… innocent, complete love. She really wants him to read her princess books. She really wants him to be her cousin and her friend. It got me… I teared up and fought the lump. I know so many of our family and friends love him just as much. That is more than wonderful.


Last night we got to take Eric and his friend Gian to an arcade. We really wanted to go bowling, but it was closed by the time we got there. Gian is a friend from school. He has great parents that are here with us on Caye Caulker tonight. Gian is precious and loves Eric dearly!!


Thankful for the friendships Eric has. Thankful for technology and future trips to Belize!

Life is good here. Bonding is happening. Eric absolutely loves Jacob – so much in common, a man he can look up to, and a dad to wrestle with and mess around with him. I know being a mom to a teenage boy is A LOT of behind-the-scenes stuff and I adore it! Cooking for my fellas, making sure bathing suits are hung up after a day in the ocean, making sure hugs are given each night, asking questions to make sure everyone if feeling okay, and trying to love as hard as I can!!!

Some fun things –

  • He loves Lecrae’s music. He is a Chris Brown fan… but Lecrae is so so much better!! Glad he likes to jam to that man… constant scripture being rapped. BOOM SATAN!
  • Eric LOVES salsa, burgers, pizza, shrimp, and milk! 🙂 I think we’ll be okay!
  • Eric LOVES video games!!! Any kind of video games… just loves them! 🙂 He promised to play Just Dance 4 with me when we get home… YES!!!!!
  • Eric is the only person I know who eats faster than Jacob! Ha! I know there are probably not so good reasons why but I’m still impressed it’s possible!

Continue to pray for a smooth transition. That he would trust us completely. That he would love and follow hard after Jesus!

TO GOD BE THE GLORY! He is faithful and so good!

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