Family Fun at Caye Caulker!

We had a great weekend at Caye Caulker!  Since we haven’t had to pay for housing or a rental car (because God is freakin’ AWESOME) we were able to go to the Caye. Eric has never been able to go, so we wanted to take him. We had an EXCELLENT time!!



Eric’s friend, Gian, and his family was able to come to the caye too!


Aren’t they cute?

We were able to play around, eat YUMMY food, and more! Eric feasted on a huge burger and a whole order of shrimp cocktail!!! It was impressive!




Always playing video games together. It’s super cute though… they laugh the entire time and even when they are “versing” each other they are constantly encouraging and telling each other “Good job!” I like that.

More favor and grace – Gian’s dad’s family actually lives on the caye and has a boat. On Sunday they invited us to go with them to Shark and Ray Island. Eric had never had the opportunity to do something like that and was up for it so… When in Belize…

So we got to swim with nurse sharks and sting rays!!! Eric also got to feed the sharks with some bait. Eric was a little skeptical at first, but once he got in the water he handled it like a champ!!!! It was awesome! Sting rays were everywhere!!! The water was beyond beautiful. We are so thankful Gian’s family invited us to go. It was a lot of fun.








It was a lot of fun and I’m pretty sure Eric enjoyed himself. I love the last picture by the way… cracks me up!!!!

We had a great time this weekend and also had time to relax a bit. The big day… the last of the appointments on the Belize side… the Embassy appointment is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9:00am. Please be praying that everything goes great, that the Visa is ready quickly,  and that we can get home soon!  We love ya’ll… even if we don’t know you. Thanks for caring about Eric and his story. He is an incredible guy!! Can’t wait for you to meet him!

Here’s some pictures of the beauty of Belize to leave you with…



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