Waiting… together in Belize

Our Embassy appointment on Tuesday went great.  Our friend, Josh, took us to Belmopan for the big day. He was worried we would get lost and wanted to make sure we got there on time. I was thankful for that because I get a little panicked on days like those. The US Embassy building is one of the nicest buildings I’ve seen in the whole country… go figure. It’s huge, marble tiled, super clean, and locked down with security.  I probably checked my paperwork 14 times during the car ride down. We didn’t know EXACTLY what we would be asked for so I tried to make sure to have a bit of everything.

Once we got cleared to even enter the building, we then had to take off anything metal… even wedding rings. You can’t take anything unnecessary back – Josh said when him and his family of 5, complete with about a month old baby, went back they were only allowed to take 1 diaper and 2 wipes… for 3 hours! Wow. We told Eric this check was just practice for the airport. 🙂 once we were finally approved and allowed back, we made our way to the Visa area.

We turned in our paperwork… Our whole life – taxes, adoption decree, other adoption paperwork, all our passports, Eric had to get his fingerprints, and more. They already had all of our prior paperwork that had been sent to Belize months ago ready for our appointment. They LITERALLY checked through every single piece of paper. It took an hour and a half for the lady to check our application. We just sat, quietly in the waiting room. Once she was finished looking over our paperwork, she called us all up to the desk. She asked us questions about the adoption and some things in the paperwork. Eric, since he is 14, had to take an oath stating that everything to his knowledge was truth. She asked us questions about our readiness to take on an intercultural adoption, our thoughts on his past/information, and how we had met him. It wasn’t as intimidating as I had imagined but I was a bit anxious… just wanting everything to go well.

After the questions she said all of our paperwork looked great and that everything was there. Praise Jesus!! She said that the Visas for these cases typically take a day and she hoped it would be ready by Thursday.  She didn’t let us know that if it wasn’t ready by Thursday it would be Tuesday due to the Easter holidays. Ugh… we are praying hard that the Visa is ready today (Thursday) so that we can go home TOMORROW!!! We would LOVE to be home for Easter. Wouldn’t that be perfect?!?

We left feeling great and so rrelieved that was done. Now ALL that was left was to wait for the Visa and go home!!!! Oh… that is so good to type. So we have just been waiting some more… but this time we are waiting TOGETHER!!! We have had a blast. It’s been good not to have a schedule or to be rushed, but just have the ability to be a family. That’s good stuff.

Eric’s personality is awesome. He seriously is a great kid. His laugh is contagious and just makes everyone around happy. His smile could brighten the darkest of places. He LOVES burgers, shrimp, pizza, Sprite, milk, eggs, and rice and beans. He’s not a fan of French fries… that just means I get to eat his, right? He is all boy – video games, wanting to win, wrestling in the pool, loving all robot/fighting movies, talk of bodily functions, and more. I love it! I absolutely love it! He is kind and polite. He is funny and adventurous. Now… i know that life isn’t going to be picture perfect and I’m not pretending that it will be. I know there will be days he will miss Belize. I know they will be days when he may not be so kind… and root issues may show their face. That’s ok. We didn’t go into this adoption picturing a perfect fantasy as the end result… we went into it just wanting to love Eric and give him a forever family. That’s what we will always do. We love him! I love my beautiful, crazy family. Jacob is amazing… seeing him as a daddy just makes me love him even more if that’s possible. Here’s some pictures from our waiting:







We were even able to see the Blood Moon. Pretty crazy!!! I love our beautiful, crazy family.

God is faithful. He is always good. He is worthy to be sought and worshipped and obeyed. This adoption will forever be an anchor in my faith journey.

Psalm 27

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