Brought Eric HOME!!!

WOW! We are home!!! I have WAY too much going on in my head and my heart to even begin to process yet. The trip to Belize was SO smooth… SO blessed. The way everything played out was amazing. The fact that we came home on Good Friday… the day that Christ died and made Eternal Adoption possible for us is humbling. The amount of people who already love Eric who were waiting for us at the airport, have messaged/emailed/texted me, and have prayed for us is overwhelming.  The way that our friends and family have embraced Eric… each and every one of them… has been beautiful. Thank you to everyone… you are wonderful!

We are still figuring out life together… but I love it. He is ALL boy – basketball, EATING, video games, music, zoning out watching TV, and everything in between. It’s hilarious… and wonderful. Since I don’t really know how to explain all that’s going on this momma’s head/heart… I’ll just show you some pics with some commentary. NOTE: We have had Eric in our custody since April 8th and everyone is still alive, everyone likes each other, and we have laughed A LOT!! V.I.C.T.O.R.Y.


Look at all the people!! This is just one section of peeps!!! We kept asking Eric if he was ready for all the people that would be welcoming him home. He was playing it cool.  I was overwhelmed so I have NO doubt that he was overwhelmed with all the love, hugs, and shouts when we rode down that airport escalator!




Eric’s cousins, Ava and Jojo. Are they not the cutest things EVER?? They were so excited for their Eric to be home.  Jojo has literally been waiting for Eric over half her life… for as long as she can remember.  She could not wait to meet him. Ava has been asking about Eric since she heard about him! Look at those expectant faces. LOVE IT!


We got to see our Parker… who we have been missing tons!!!

After the airport we had to get some grub on the house. Some of our family came to welcome Eric to his new residence!

10270732_10100714986368586_2474249100397833060_n 1544408_10100714991443416_8991870990566102125_n

Jojo latched on and has rarely let go since she got her hands on her Eric. Melts your heart, huh?


Eric with Jojo and baby Kylie.


Because we originally thought Eric would be home at Christmas, my mom (Eric’s Grann) left her Christmas tree up for him.  No worries… just celebrating Jesus’ birth and death in one weekend. That’s how it should be right?? And, Jojo needed to assist in opening his Christmas presents!

Saturday morning we went to a Easter Egg Drop… they drop Easter Eggs out of a helicopter… kinda weird. When we told Eric about it, he said, “Well that don’t make no sense.” Ha! It was strange, but we had fun!




Love this boy! He, like any normal teenage boy, LOVES pictures… can’t you tell?  But… I don’t care!


Eric loves Big D (Mr. David). He likes to be around him, laugh with him, joke with him, call him Santa Claus, and just get to know him.  Makes my heart so happy.  I believe he has been craving some male role models and men that love him in his life… he has some really great ones in this family!

And… Jojo had to show Eric all her Easter eggs about 100 times! Precious.

Easter morning we got up, got ready, and read Matthew 26-28 together. So humbled that our Jesus died for us. I pray that Eric would fall more and more in love with Jesus and become a man who follows hard after God’s heart. I pray that he will be a warrior for the Lord… a young man like Stephen was described in Acts – full of the Holy Spirit, full of faith, full of His grace and power, and courageous. Praying we would love him well and be parents that lead with wisdom and patience.

We all went to church together… his first American church experience.  I’m sure it was a bit much – packed-out Easter Sunday service, new music, lots of people hugging him he has never seen before, his momma GETTING IT in worship (that’s where the water works started… sorry Eric), and just NEWNESS! My heart was just exploding thinking about how good Jesus is – His sacrifice for us and all that He did to make a way for Eric to with us! AMAZING stinkin’ GRACE!

After church we went to my in-laws for a yummy lunch!!! Check out these wonderful pictures:


FAMILY OF 3!!! Woot Woot!! Doesn’t Eric look snazzy??



FAM!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE all these people!


After lunch with the rest of the fam (sad we didn’t get everyone together for a pic…), Eric and Jacob wanted to ride bikes. Both in their dress pants and undershirts! Yep!


Three generations of Morgan Men!!! Love it! I  bet they never thought it would look quite like that, but no one would want it any different!



And this… this will just make your heart fall out of your chest!!!!! Eric was tired from 4 plates of ham (haha) and Jojo just wanted to be with her Eric.

Love it. Trying to figure out life together. Ya know… Eric has never had parents… we’ve never had kids, so we are going to figure out this life together! Nope, we don’t know what we are doing… but who does!? We are determined to do the best we know how, to lead him to Jesus, and to love him with all that he has!! Gonna be an adventure… a great adventure!!


  1. Anna, you probably don’t remember me from Clearview but I’ve been reading your mom’s facebook posts and your blogs and I am just so blessed to read it all! So proud that a young couple would welcome a TEENAGER into their home (you want two more? LOL j/k) and amazed by God’s goodness. Happy that Eric has found such a wonderful forever family. Love and prayers to you all! ~~MichelleQ

  2. What a perfect post! What an amazing God we serve to give you a son and Eric a family! I cried so hard when I saw JoJo cuddled up in Eric….such genuine, unconditional, pure love.

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