What’s life like at home?

We have been home ONE WEEK!!! That’s pretty exciting, right? Everyone is still alive. Eric has ate at every meal… and REALLY liked some of my cooking (VICTORY!). He still likes us! Jacob asked him the other day if he really did still like us. Eric answered, “That is the stupidest question ever!” Haha! I know it’s a typical teenage answer… but doesn’t that make your heart a bit happy? We’ve laughed a lot, talked a lot, played lots of video games, and are figuring out how to be a family! I love it.

Here’s some behind the scenes for the first week at home!


Here we are… just being a family! We were just playing basketball and grilling out. I gave options for dinner to Eric – lasagna or tacos… of course, he wanted burgers! haha! So… we had burgers! Kid LOVES some burgers… and shrimp! He ate 2 burgers… and said his dad’s burgers were really good!

Since Eric doesn’t have to be enrolled in school until August (per our social worker), we are getting to play and be a family and figure life out.  Tuesday night we took Eric to Chili’s (my personal favorite restaurant) and his first movie in a theatre experience. Super fun! We went to see Captain America – the Winter Soldier. Eric is ALL boy… ALL teenage boy at that. He loves anything with super heroes, fighting, robots, etc. The movie was really good and clean (thank the Lord)… and his mouth hung open the whole time! 🙂 I love my fellas with all my heart.

While we were at Chili’s we were just talking about life.  We asked him what the best day in his life had been so far. He said, “The day you guys came for me… When I finally saw you guys walking up the stairs my mind was blown. I was so happy!” Talk about wanting to break down and cry right there… He said he knew that we had been telling him we were going to come for him, but when we actually showed up he finally knew it was true. VICTORY! BOOM SATAN!


My dates for the night. Doesn’t it just melt your heart? Jacob helping Eric figure out what in the world to order.  We Americans are used to a WHOLE lot of options… it can be a bit overwhelming!

Wednesday Eric went to youth group for the first time. Woot woot! First of all… on Tuesday, the Middle School pastor emailed me and asked me about Eric and said he was excited he would be involved and wanted to know how he could make him feel comfortable. Ya’ll… that meant so much to me. I know being a youth pastor is a busy job… but he wanted to personally invest to our son feeling at home. Love it! Eric, looking fly in some new clothes, went to youth. He was immediately welcomed into playing games, talking, and ushered over to sit with some guys for the service. I just wanted to jump for joy. The leaders and students were SO awesome. They made him feel so welcomed. After the service was over, he came up to us and said, “Yea… I liked that!” VICTORY! After we left, he asked us, “So… when do we go back to church again? I want to go.” Yes! Thankful for that.


Picture of the youth service… yep… I’m that mom.

That same night… Eric had his first Chick-Fil-A experience. He loaded his spicy chicken sandwich with hot sauce (pepper). He approved!


We had to explain why a burger is called a burger and a chicken sandwich is NOT called a chicken burger… even though they have the same buns. Quite funny. He claims (which makes sense) that a sandwich is on the regular “pack bread” (AKA sliced bread) and that burgers are on buns. We cleared it up. Finally, he said, “Oh… it’s NOT a burger… it’s a SANDwich… okay.” He also made fun of the way we say mayonnaise… but we teased him about how he says it too!

Yesterday we all got bikes! It’s super fun getting to play like a teenager again and get to parent and shepherd one at the same time. We knew Eric wanted one, and we wanted to let him pick it out… but I wanted one too so we could all ride together. So, please meet Black Widow (Jacob’s bike), Butterfly (my bike), and Junior (Eric’s bike). So fun! I think we are pretty cute.





We have FINALLY had the opportunities to eat together. That’s one of my favorite things in all the world… sharing a meal with the important people in my life. I’ve been able to cook, clean, prepare, and sit with my family… all together! It’s so amazing how Eric just fits in so well. I love watching Big D, Jacob, and Jared just love on Eric and model what a Godly man looks like. Eric loves them and soaks up every minute with them. It’s a awesome to think about what our family was like just 5 years ago. It’s amazing (I need more synonyms for this word) to reflect on the CRAZY transformations that each of us have undergone individually and collectively… BLOWS MY MIND! This picture is more than beautiful to me… a forever family.

10314513_10100722276758586_6506953635057023263_n  A few more from the week:

Walter and Jubi LOVE Eric!! They want to be around him ALL the time!!



First time in Target. Wow! A bit much! Lots of “No… you don’t need that.” A lot of Eric saying, “Oh, wow… this is AWESOME!” ha!








This is Eric kayaking for the first time with his new buddy Bradley! So thankful for Bradley! 🙂













Trying on some tennis shoes that actually fit!






His favorite thing!


First time at the YMCA with his dad and Big D!

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