Into the dark room I go…

So this is what I’m learning lately. You should go and listen/watch Christine Caine’s talk from Passion 2014 and you should do Beth Moore’s “Sacred Secrets” Bible study if this pertains to you.  I just happen to watch and do them at the same time… I definitely needed to hear it and I strongly believe others do too.  So… since life is busy and you probably don’t have an hour and/or 6 weeks to watch and do… I’ll just put some nuggets of what I’ve been learning here.  You may not care… but this is just how I process things so get over it. I’m stealing all of this from Beth and Christine… and just adding my own thoughts. This is not me… just learned a WHOLE lot from it.

I am going into the dark room… I am heading into the secret with Jesus. I am one of those people (if you haven’t noticed) who just likes to live in the open. As Beth put it… I tweet it (or Facebook/Instagram it) before I eat it. I just spit it out before I actually pray about it and take it and chew on it. Not good. I sometimes say things and claim things… and then the enemy has a way of making me look dumb because I didn’t WAIT on the Lord. With that said Beth and Christine’s teachings gave me a HOLY SLAP IN THE FACE! I need to head into the darkroom/secret more than anything else.

Our deepest secrets and desires shouldn’t be shared on social media/in public… they should be shared with our Savior. He is good and faithful. Let’s not expect Jesus to fit into our “snap & upload” mentality. Let us shut up… get into the secret place/darkroom with Him. Let’s figure out what He’s teaching us… and share it when HE is ready.


Behold, you delight in TRUTH in the inward being; and you teach me wisdom in the SECRET! Psalm 51:6

I will give you the TREASURES of darkness, riches stored in SECRET PLACES, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name. Isaiah 45:3

We are in the middle of an instant gratification culture/society. We don’t want to wait on anything. We won’t the things we feel like we are called to, purposed for, and want at that EXACT second.  We want to know our destiny NOW! That’s not how God works. God doesn’t work like iPhone selfies and one-hour photo printing. God builds our destiny like 35mm film, it is NOT snap & upload. He develops us in the dark room. 

* To the degree to which you are willing to go into the darkroom to allow the image of Christ to be forged in you is the degree to which you will fulfill the calling and purpose God has for you! It’s a PROCESS to be transformed into the image of God (Romans 12:1-2)

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19

*So many times we miss the NEW thing God is doing because we are looking for the NEXT of the old thing! There is NO NEXT thing… there is NEW!!!

We say we want to be the NEXT _________ (fill in the blank of your favorite person in your field; i.e. the next Beth Moore, Christine Caine, Kobe Bryant… I don’t know), but that’s not God’s purpose. He is doing something NEW! He has NEW plans that He is transforming us for – a NEW generation with NEW needs and NEW ways to do it…. standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before and clinging tight to the same promises written in Scripture.

*We want a formula for success rather than wrestling with the Holy Spirit to figure our what our new thing is!

How many times have you thought or heard I just want to know what God’s will for my life is? We want a blue print for our life and what we are supposed to do.  That’s not the point of a relationship with Jesus. The point is to walk WITH Him… relying on Him daily to learn His heart and follow it! There is NO FORMULA!

****A formula won’t change the world! Only Jesus can.

Confession from me – I often want to teach and tell about Jesus or what I believe or what I’ve learned… but often I don’t want to let Him in the change me… to get to my deepest parts. I don’t like for my junk to be exposed and refined. My attitude, my judging heart, my selfishness, etc. I would rather just talk to others… not to examine myself.  So… this part hit me hard.

** Don’t seek a platform, seek His Presence.

It’s NOT about seeking a rooftop for us to shout things at. It’s not about tweeting everything we hear from a speaker before we chew on it. It’s about seeking Him in our time with Him. We… I CANNOT worry about my rooftop until I have spent time in the dark room. I have to lean in to what He is teaching me before I shout it from the rooftop/social media. When we are ready… the Lord will CLEARLY appoint our rooftops!

*NOTHING will kill you quicker than the spotlight. We have to get in the dark room and have our image chemically removed from ourselves. The image of Christ has to be etched on us so that the light within us can dispel any darkness around or the spotlight on us.

*It’s great to have big dreams (it’s a good thing) because we have a BIG God. BUT… big dreams require the darkroom. It’s a process. When you’ve been marked by God, you don’t have to be marketed by men. God will get you to you there!

**The degree to which you allow God to work IN you is the degree to which He can work THROUGH you.

*Whatever you do in secret WILL BE revealed in public. SECRETS MANIFEST! If you spending time with the Lord, learning His secrets… that will ultimately show in your life. You won’t be able to help it. If you are keeping dangerous secrets, shame, sin, lies… they will eventually show up in some way as well.

*If God has assigned you, HE WILL FIND YOU! Stop trying to force things or expect your purpose to be a snap & upload experience. GET IN THE DARKROOM AND LET GOD MARK YOU! 

*There is always a gap between anointing and the appointing. King David in the Bible, was anointed at 17 to be the King of Israel, but it didn’t actually happen until he was 37. David had to learn a lot, be refined, be almost killed by King Saul multiple times, be betrayed, etc… then he could take hold of his destiny.

If we are truly Jesus followers… we will be willing to get in the darkroom so that we can KNOW God and be like Him. It requires faithfulness. Your darkroom may include disappointment, WAITING, temptation, tragedy, confusion, letting go, losing, confession, obedience, wilderness, trials, pain, discipline… BUT Jesus is worth it! It all matters! He knows and uses it ALL!

Here’s the commissioning statement that Beth said over all the ladies at the end of the Bible study… I LOVE IT:

My Dear Sister,

God knows everything about you – all that has happened,

all that has you bound,

all that is broken in your heart,

all the rejection,

all the betrayal,

and He’s waiting to hear from you.

Bring words with you. Tell Him everything. Tell on everybody. Your secrets are safe with Him.

Now He wants to know if His secrets are safe with you.

Let Him bring light into your darkness. Let Him plant something in secret that He can manifest in public.

Your Jesus is inviting you to a deeper secret life in Him. That’s where He sets you FREE. That’s where He plants the seeds.

Girlfriend, do not seek a platform; seek His presence.

In time He will show you your rooftop, and you will get to shout it out. 

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