Life with the Morgans – Pictures GALORE!

Life is happening! Life is so good!! We love having our Eric home with us… it’s amazing! It’s not all butterflies and rainbows, but it’s so good. Life together has catapulted me into a deeper level with Jesus… praying for my boy’s mind, heart, new friends, and future! I CANNOT imagine what all is going on in his head and heart. His life has drastically changed. He has a mom and dad that aren’t going away… we are here FOREVER! He has people who will not give up asking “What’s wrong?”  when we feel that something is not right. He has a family who loves him more than he knows and wants to hug and squeeze him at every chance they get. He has a huge church family. He has tons of people that already know his name, his story, and love him. He has a mom and dad that check on him and want to know what he’s thinking, what he’s doing, and his perspective on things. He has people around him that want to know what is going on in his heart… people who won’t judge, won’t back away, won’t get mad, and will welcome it all (emotions, past, hurts, joys, excitement). It’s all totally new for him. He is amazing and has taken everything so well.  If it were me, I would be a total basket case… not knowing which way is up and which way is down.  He’s a champ! God has truly prepared his heart for his new crazy family somehow! We love him and have enjoyed every minute of life together.

We’ve had lots of adventures… so enjoy all the pictures. #MomLife




The second week Eric was home, we had severe storms packed full of Tornado Warnings here in Alabama. It’s a reality here in the Spring, so we just hung out in the hallway safe and sound.  Walter kept Eric company. We had to explain to him the dangers of tornados here… not to freak him out, just to prepare him. We educated him about James Spann, wearing a helmet if it got bad, and what’s happened before.  He seemed to take it okay and said it was worse in Belize City when there was a hurricane… good point!


We got to go to the McWane Science Center in downtown Birmingham one day with Eric’s Grann, Ashley, Johanna, and Kylie. It was a hit! He loved it! There’s a ton of things to do there – games, hands-on experiments, an aquarium area, and more. We had a blast!

Eric on the “Bed of Nails” experiment!


He wanted to pose for a picture with us and the Robot! Yes!
Eric and baby Kylie! Love this pic!

After the McWane Center, we took him for one of our favorite treats in Birmingham, Steel City Pops! The “adults” got Buttercream flavored pops and Eric went with Caramel! YUM!


One day we spontaneously decided to go to a Braves game! Jacob and I were super excited… that’s fun stuff! We were trying to convince Eric that baseball is a great sport. He thinks it’s slow and long… which it is compared to basketball. This was really cute though – we were getting ready to go to the game. Jacob put on a blue polo, short-sleeve shirt and khaki shorts. Eric saw what Jacob was wearing, got ready, and walked out in a white polo, short-sleeved shirt and khaki pants (because he gets cold at times). Jacob asked him why he was so dressed up… I just looked at him and said, “He wanted to dress like you.” Made me smile. On the way to the game, we decided to stop at Hibbetts so the boys could get them a Braves t-shirt. Ya know… make it a true experience.

Also… get this. On the way to Atlanta we stopped at a gas station for the potty, drinks, and snacks. We told Eric to pick something out. He came back with a Mt. Dew energy drink (don’t judge us… we know), beef jerky, and gummy bears. Does that sound like an American teenager or what?!?! Ha!


We had a fun time, but Eric is still not convinced on baseball. He still thinks it’s long, gets boring, and is slow.  We are still working on it! 🙂

We were blessed to have been given some tickets to the Barber Motorsports races held here in Birmingham last weekend! Eric was pumped about that. All teenage boys want to watch cars go fast… and hope for a wreck, right? Although it rained a bit, we had a blast! I might have even enjoyed the races more than Eric. I thought it was awesome!


This past week, Eric and I had to run a few errands. While we were out we made a secret purchase of a scary mask… with the goal of scaring Jacob! Goal ACHIEVED! Saturday morning, Eric and I concocted a plan to scare Jacob with this here mask!!!! I woke Jacob up and told him something was wrong with Eric and he needed to check on him. Eric was wrapped up… very still in his bed. Jacob pulled back the covers and BOO! Got Hem!!!! Hahaha!!! Jacob jumped back about 5 feet… claiming he almost had a heart attack! I wish I had videoed it… Gosh, it was good!!! That’s fun stuff – scaring your husband with your teenage son! I’m sure payback is coming, but it was worth it!


This past weekend, we got to go marry off one of our favorite friends Taylor! Jacob was a groomsmen… and I named myself Honorary GroomsWoman! We have known Taylor since about the 6th grade and were best friends through high school and college… even roomed with Jacob at Troy. Eric was not a fan of the rehearsal dinner or wedding festivities… apparently it’s boring for a teenage boy! Ha! He survived though. After the wedding, he went home with the grandparents and Jacob and I had a date night at the reception. It was a really good time to be together… we had a blast! If you have kids… make sure you spend time with you spouse – so important! Here’s some pics from the wedding!

Lookin’ good for the rehearsal dinner! Eric is thrilled! 🙂
Me and my hot date!
Getting Married!!! We love Taylor and Claire!
The Bryans and the Morgans!
Great friends!

Saturday morning Eric got to play at a 3-on-3 basketball tourney at the church! He had a great time! He thinks he is Lebron!


Sunday afternoon was Eric’s Welcome Home Party! It was INCREDIBLE and so PERFECT!!! So many people came! I was in awe. I just pray that Eric saw a glimpse of how much he is loved! Just look at these pictures!!! Look at the smile on his face!! LOVE IT!

The man of the day!
2 of my best friends were able to come!!! I needed some best friend hugs!
My dad, Eric’s Pawpaw G, came! 🙂
My bro, sis-in-law, niece Ava, and nephew Barrett!
Eric’s great uncle, aunt, and cousin!
Eric and his Nanny… she loves him so! 🙂
Meet Micah! He works with the middle school youth group at church! Eric has really enjoyed hanging out with him! Thankful for the Micahs in the world!
The Morgans & The Cokers! We told Eric that these people would be around forever so he better love them! Truth!
The Morgans & Katy! We missed her hubby Hamzah! We love them tons!
This is Grant! He worked at Pine Cove Christian Camps with Jacob years ago! He made the journey to come out and meet Eric!!! Blessed us!
The Morgans love the Willis family!!! Adoption has changed all of our lives!
Eric and his Grann!! Love these 2 so very very much!
This is Mrs. Rhonda and Mr. Mike. They have been a part of my life since I was in middle school. Mrs. Rhonda was my Bible Study teacher while I was in high school… that was a tough job! Ha! They opened their home, pool, and yard to us for the party! We are grateful for them!!! It was perfect!
The Morgan kiddos! We love them so much… this picture is perfection!
This boy LOVES his Big D! So thankful for this man and his legacy! Eric likes to call him Santa Claus!
My wonderful, beautiful, crazy family!

IMG_4429 IMG_4454


Love this life. Sorry for the explosion of pictures!



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