What in the WORLD are the Morgans doing??

I know this was already sent out through our email blasts, but I wanted to post it here as well. We will ALWAYS solicit more prayer and awareness of what God has called us to! God is on the move in our world and we are humbled to be a small part of it! Here’s what we, the crazy Morgans, will be up to this summer.


We are finally home as a family of 3!!! Praise the good Lord! We are having an amazing time becoming a true family, laughing together, going on adventures, experiencing a lot of firsts, and learning all about each other. It has truly been wonderful! 

Some of you may be wondering what we are doing now. I’m sharing all now! We are now living in Birmingham, AL. We miss our Troy family, but are excited to be closer to “home” and looking forward to the new opportunities here. Jacob and Anna are both working full-time for Praying Pelican Missions as Missions Coordinators. Anna also works part-time for Troy University’s Interpreter Training Program and interprets some in the Birmingham area when possible. Jacob is still building furniture and other pallet items when he’s able. We are attending First Baptist Church Trussville and absolutely love our Small Group and the youth ministry (because we have a teenager!). 

This summer we, as a family, will be leading mission trips in Costa Rica! We will be staying there from June until August. We are super excited about this and what God has in store! We will be leading teams from the USA or Canada on missions in various areas of Costa Rica with PPM’s partnering pastors. Here’s a run down of what we will be doing over the summer and things you can pray for:

May 11-19: Jacob will be in Costa Rica leading Southside Baptist (our old home church) to a trip into the rainforest! This is an awesome trip complete with hiking 2 hours up the mountain to get to a remote village called Alta Mira near the Panama border, installing an aqua duct system for the community to have running water, and ministering in an area that is known for sex trafficking on their “recreation” day. AWESOME! 

Jacob, Anna, and Eric will fly down to Costa Rica for the summer around June 10th.
June 14-21: Anna (with family) will be leading a trip to a church called Iglesia Union outside of San Jose. The teams will be working with a school that is connected to the church doing Vacation Bible School, outreach into the community, and ministering at a foster home nearby. We will be creating a parking lot for the school and painting the classrooms for the students to have better spaces where they learn.
June 21-28: Jacob (with the whole fam for half the week) will be leading 2 churches in Lagunilla, Costa Rica, to work with Pastor Edgar. These teams will be constructing the roof and walls of a church building! The teams have goals of raising around $9,000 combined to help with these projects! Amazing! They will also be doing Vacation Bible School and ministering in a foster home or an elderly home.
June 24-July 1: Anna (with the whole fam for the first half the week) will be leading 2 churches in Liberia, Costa Rica, to work with Pastor Jose. Pastor Jose is an amazing man who is committed to spreading the Gospel in Costa Rica. He uses his church as a hosting place for missionaries and teams coming to do the same. We will be finishing bathrooms/showers he has built in his church for these teams. We will also be doing ministry within the schools, sports ministries in a local park that is typically used for drug deals, and working with the youth drama team in the church to host a youth rally for the teens in the area!
June 28-July 5:  Jacob (with the whole fam for the last half the week) will be leading a group to Paso Canoas, Costa Rica, near the Panama border. They will be working with a church called Mision Cristiana. They will be doing several service projects at the church and around the community for the church members and hosting Vacation Bible School. They will be going into the city to spread the gospel by giving out bracelets, doing pedicures for the women, and teaching Bible study to the adults. 

July 5-18 we have a break. July 5-10 our whole family is coming to Costa Rica for our family trip before Jared and Ashley leave for the mission field!! We are super excited about this time together! 

July 19-26: Anna will be leading a trip to the area of Nicoya, Costa Rica to work with Pastor Warner’s church. This trip is going to be awesome! We will be working with the church there to do Vacation Bible School and a feeding program each night. The church typically feeds 80 children each week, but this week  we will provide food every night! The church meets under a large tree in a field and are working towards buying property and constructing their own building. They had a Christmas party for the community in December and 680 children came! So excited to see what the Lord is up to there! 
July 19-26: Jacob (with Eric) will be leading a trip to Pastor Daniel’s church in Barranca. This church is in need of a lot of cleaning, repair, and preparing for re-construction. The church was badly damaged in an earthquake, so we are excited to send a team to help the community restore the building. The teams will also be doing a lot of outreach, prayer walking, and children’s ministry within the area! 
July 26-August 2: Anna (with the whole fam) will be leading a team to Liberia, Costa Rica, to work with Pastor Adolfo. This team will be doing some construction and service projects for the church. They will be helping with a feeding program that this team started at the church, and has continued to support, since their trip  last year. They will be doing school ministry and block parties in the park with balloon animals, face painting, and more! They will be working with the leadership within the church and encouraging them in their work! 
August 2-9: Jacob (with the whole fam – pending school) will be leading a team to San Fernando, Costa Rica. They will be painting an entire church that was just built for the community. They will be doing sports ministry within the area as well. Playing games with children and teens is a great way to open the door to conversations about Christ! 

That’s our summer in a nutshell! It’s going to be crazy and awesome! We are looking forward all the adventures God has planned! Praying for strength, endurance, and wisdom. Pray that Eric will embrace life on the mission field and enjoy all that God is doing around the world! From all of our conversations, we believe he’s thrilled about it! We are PUMPED to do missions together! 

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  1. This summer! And all these trips are blowing my mind! This is gonna be amazing! Can’t wait to hear all about them! And I hope I can see ya before ya’ll leave!!

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