Mother’s Day 2014!


I’m a mother! woot woot! What a crazy, incredible, amazing, relieving, burdensome, great feeling that is… being a MOTHER! I can look up from the computer screen and see my son. I can call his name and he answers. I have the amazing honor to make his food, clean his clothes, pray for him each night, laugh with him, experience the NEW together, and live life with this awesome teenage boy! This Mother’s Day is OBVIOUSLY the best one EVER! Our long-awaited, anticipated, prayed-for boy is HERE… and I am his mom! Wowzers! That is the best gift ever. I am his FOREVER mom… able to invest in him, encourage him, pray over/for him, and love him for ALL the days of my life!!! YES!!! BOOM Satan!!! Go Jesus!

I don’t know what my hubby has up his sleeve for my Mother’s Day gift (he told me he has a secret – he always tells me about his secret plans… because he enjoys watching me anguish over not knowing), but I have all I have ever wanted/needed. Gifts aren’t needed. The BEST gift possible (besides the fact my boy is HERE) came this week.  My sweet son wrote me a note at church on Wednesday. The youth minister, to go along with his sermon, told the kiddos they could write someone in their family a “Thank You” card afterwards.  UNSOLICITED, Eric wrote me a note and laid it on the table at home for me to see later labeled “To: Mom.” Oh my… that card will FOREVER be a treasure to me. Sorry… you don’t get to know what it says… it’s out little secret! Don’t think I could love that boy more…


Mother’s Day is also about my momma. She’s the best momma and Grann ever. She’s my biggest fan and number one supporter. She knows me better than anyone. She has sacrificed more than I will ever know to make sure that I was loved, cared for, and got to live my dreams out. She has encouraged me from day one in every way possible. She has sat through and woo-hooed through COUNTLESS dance recitals, performances, and sporting events. She loves Eric with all her heart and that is the best thing ever!

She’s my mom and I love her! Thankful that I have such an amazing, Godly, selfless lady to aspire to be like. Actually… I have 2 amazing women – Thankful for my mom-in-law as well!!! I couldn’t have hand-picked a better one! She’s a superwoman that has loved me as her own since I was about 15! Here’s more on my mom and my wonderful mom-in-law from 2012! They are still just as awesome!!

Happy Birthday Eric!!!

But… on this Mother’s Day… someone else comes to mind that I am eternally grateful for. This woman is Eric’s birthmother. I don’t know every detail of her story or all the reasons why I have the privilege of taking care of Eric’s daily needs… but I am thankful that she chose life. I am thankful that she had Eric over 14 years ago and made decisions that saved his life and allowed us to meet him and adopt him. I can’t imagine what she has been through, but I celebrate her this weekend as well. My God works ALL things for the good of those who love Him. He has great plans. I am thankful for adoption…

Although he doesn’t call me “Mommy,” this quote hit home with me.

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