A Trip to T-ROY!

My man got home last Monday night from a week in Costa Rica! Glory! I was so excited! The airport greeting with Eric wasn’t as epic as I had envisioned… Monday was a struggle… BUT it was still fantastic to have both my fellas together again!

Last week was a tougher one. It was a month mark since we’ve been home… and I think the processing of the transition was taking place. I think the reality of permanency was kicking in, the boundaries were being tested, and his heart was adjusting. I know he thinks I’m crazy at times… and I am… and I may be going about it all wrong, but I don’t care. There were times when I knew something was really wrong. I felt like he needed to get it out. I would ask him what was wrong and his reply was “nothing…” and he would just look down.  We all know that’s not nothing. So I stayed with him. I explained to him that I’m his momma. I am not a caretaker at the orphanage who may accept “nothing” as an answer and move on. I care about him and love him more than he knows… and I would sit there until we talked it out. I told him that nothing he said would hurt my feelings, make me angry, or make me love him less.. and same for his dad. I explained that in our family… we talk. When something is wrong with one of us, we talk it out because we know the others want to know and help if possible. I just want to know what’s going on… forever. I assured him that this NEW-ness was hard… and anything he was going through would be okay. And… then we sat.

Finally… he talked. He wrote. He got some stuff out. Some fears were exposed. Some frustrations were told. Some teenage-NESS was revealed. And it’s all good.  I love that boy and am SO SO SO thankful he is our son. I wish he could know how much he is loved… I guess that comes with time.

As the week continued, his joy returned, more laughter occurred, his singing and “megatron” voice reappeared, and his awesome/crazy/hilarious stories were told again! I believe he truly does love it here and his new family… just gotta talk it out.

Heading down to Troy!
Heading down to Troy!

This past weekend we visited our old home of Troy, Alabama! We went down for some of our babies’ graduation. Some of the kiddos that graduated were in the 8th grade when I met them (6th grade when Jacob met them). It was really special for us to be there as they got their diplomas. I LOVED LOVED LOVED hugging their necks and taking lots of pictures with them! We got to stay with The Knicks – our ol’ Pastor Andrew, Kelli, Raeleigh, and Parker. We basically took over their house for a few days, ate lots of their food, played with their kiddos, and had a GREAT time!! It was perfect!

Charles Henderson High School graduation



We had such a great time seeing our friends, hugging necks, and introducing Eric to all of our Troy friends. I also got to eat at my fav Troy restaurant, Half Shell… YUM!! Eric met a TON of people over the weekend. I don’t think he’ll ever understand the love that people have for him and the expectation we (I feel like this was a group effort) all experienced waiting for him to be home. We tried to explain to him that the people in Troy, more than any others besides are family, have been in on this adoption since day one! They’ve known about him since 2012 and have waited with us, prayed for us, and supported us throughout the entire journey! So thankful for our Troy family!

Jacob, Zack, and Jeff (some of our youths)
Me and Ang… whom I love!
Caleb (one of the graduates) and Jacob – they were glad to see each other!


It’s SO awesome and just makes my heart pitter-patter when Eric gets around younger kids. He is so good with them, and they are all drawn to him and just adore him! He was one of the oldest in the orphanage for quite a while, so he became a pro at playing with the youngers, making up fun games, being patient with them, and sharing whatever he has with them. Check out Raeleigh just sitting with him! She loved it. She just stared up at him in amazement. She was so calm and peaceful when she was with Eric.


LOVED getting to squeeze Rae! It had been FAR too long! She's about to be ONE.. WHAT?!?!
LOVED getting to squeeze Rae! It had been FAR too long! She’s about to be ONE.. WHAT?!?!

And… since we were in Troy, we HAD to keep going to the beach for the day!! We were SO close! So, Saturday we packed up and headed to the beach for a fun day! Eric hadn’t experienced the real beaches of the Gulf. Although NOTHING can compete to the beauty of Caye Caulker in Belize… the overall FUN of the beaches here is FANTASTIC! White, soft sand… lots of room to play… beautiful oceans… YEP! Good stuff! We spent the day hanging out, playing Bocce Ball, swimming in the ocean, jumping over waves, holding cute babies, and laughing! And then… eating yummy seafood with the beach in the background! Check out some pics…

My favorite place with my favorite people!
Me & Rae
Raeleigh LOVED Jacob!!
Best friends… family – The Morgans love the Knicks
Me and Mrs. Wanda – we were able to go hang out with The Motes for a bit before we left! We had to explain to Eric how awesome they are! They basically became our 2nd family while we were in Troy – biggest supporters and sounding boards!


Parker and Eric dug until they found water! Parker LOVED Eric, of course!
Parker and Eric dug until they found water! Parker LOVED Eric, of course!

20140524_133044 20140524_192732


20140524_192535 9

Sunday we were able to go to our old church home – Southside Baptist. It was good to be welcomed in again and see people so excited to meet Eric! Loved it! I miss the ladies in the church… they were fabulous.  One woman, Ms. Immy, asked us both, “So without me, who is taking care of y’all and keeping you in line?” Haha. She loved to tell Jacob how she felt and hug on both of us. Miss the simple things like that. It’s good to go visit.

I hope your weekend was as fun as ours! I hope you have a great friends like we do and you make a way to spend time with them! It’s always worth it!

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