Family Vacay in Costa Rica!

This past week, our family came down to spend time with us in Costa Rica!! Now that’s what I call a family vacay! But… you see… it was super important and more special than a normal family vacation. This was the last one, for a while, with our whole family. Jared and Ashley (my bro and sis-in-law) and their girls will be starting their career as missionaries in a few short weeks. They will be moving to another part of the world to pour out the Gospel and their lives to the unreached. So, without really talking about the lasts (for a while) we were experiencing together, we all viewed and cherished this vacation a little bit differently than the rest.

My mom, Jacob’s parents (my fabulous in-laws), and the other set of Morgans all flew down last Saturday. We picked them up from the airport and headed to Playa Tamarindo on the West coast. It was a long drive and a really long day for the travelers, but we were so thankful to be together… all the adventures were worth it.  

Our house for the week! It was so perfect!
Our house for the week! It was so perfect!

We were able to hang out on the beach a lot, enjoy the amazing pool at the house, go zip-lining, eat wonderful food, and enjoy each other. I don’t know how else to tell about the week except through pictures… so that’s how I shall document it.  

20140706_171019 20140706_171414 20140707_094642 20140708_113540 20140708_110145




We saw monkeys just hanging out at the beach!
We saw monkeys just hanging out at the beach!

















So obviously we had an amazing time together. We didn’t want the week to end. We are so thankful for our family. So thankful that they came down for a great time in the country we are serving this summer. Thankful for the support they show us and Jared and Ashley and we try to seek the Lord and obey Him in our lives. 

Tamarindo was good to us! 

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