Thoughts from Eric about school…

1st day of schoolEric’s 1st day of school!

Isn’t he the MOST handsome 8th grader you have EVER seen? I know! We’ve made it over a week! He has survived… and thrived… at a public middle school in the states. It’s a completely different school plan than we originally thought. But… God had different plans, and we trust Him… so here we are.

It’s been interesting and eye-opening to hear Eric’s thoughts after school each day. He is truly an amazing boy. He’s kind (most of the time), creative, respectful, funny, observant, and charming. He’s a gentleman… he really is. He’s made good friends. He’s really enjoyed school – he told me he had no idea school was going to be that fun! I just wanted to share with you a few of Eric’s wise comments…

This is not about the school or people… this is just about our son’s outlook on things. It’s an outlook I’m proud of and praying (hard) that he sustains. I am already so thankful for many of the people he has met at school, especially his art teacher! I don’t know him, but man… I’m so glad he’s there. He’s taken Eric under his wing, talked with him about his story, encouraged him in his amazing talent, and empowered him to do more and more! Can’t wait to see where all that leads!

Eric’s thoughts: 

One day I told Eric if he ever wanted some of his friends from school to go to church with us, I’d be happy to go and pick them up. He said… “Yea, I don’t think kids go to church at my school.” I asked him what he meant and if he had asked them if they went somewhere. He answered, “No, I didn’t ask… they just don’t act like Christians so I know they don’t go to church.”  Ouch. He explained that he has watched them throughout the day and they did not act like Christians. They were mean to each other, to the teachers, and he didn’t even want to talk about the language they used. This is what is preached to youth groups everywhere… Christians, PEOPLE ARE WATCHING YOU!!!! My son is watching you! Other students are watching you to see if you are really what you say you are! Are you? I am POSITIVE there are AWESOME people in the school… hoping he finds them or they find him!

So thankful that Eric understands (and is starting to apply) that Christians are to act in a certain way. It’s not about legalism… it’s just about a lifestyle that honors the Lord. Thankful for him that it’s something real… something that should CHANGE your life. Hoping it comes into full effect one day.

Eric’s thoughts on girls:

After the first day of school Eric was talking about the older girls… 9th or 10th graders… and the people in his classes. I stopped him and explained that the oldest kids in the school were in 8th grade. There aren’t any 9th grade or older kids in his school. He was shocked. He told me how some of the girls in the school looked and acted like they were 18 or older. They caked on make-up and thought they were women. I just nodded. He asked me why they wear so much make up. I didn’t really know what to say except that they just liked to wear it and maybe it made them feel better about themselves. (didn’t really know how to answer). Eric told me that it didn’t make any sense for those girls to wear all that make-up… they didn’t need it. AMEN! I asked why he didn’t tell the girls that. His reply “They just wouldn’t listen to him about that.”  He’s probably right.  GIRLS… you don’t need all that make up! Be yourself! Have confidence that the gentlemen out there are wanting to know you… not who you are making yourself up to be.

Eric’s question: “Why do girls like the boys who treat them so bad?” Great question. He told me about all the instances he’s already seen of the boys making fun of the girl, telling the girl they were cheating on them, putting the girl down, etc…. and the girl just laughed, accepted it, and kept being with the boy. Eric was stunned at the fact that the girl still wanted to be with the boy/continue to flirt with them when they were being treated like crap. It’s a question that has stumped so many of us… including former stupid girls like me. Girls… start standing up for yourself, love yourself enough to get the right kind of attention, and stop accepting garbage from boys just because they are cute!

Eric’s thoughts on respect:  

Eric’s question: “What’s the point in being a gentleman?”

“What you talking about, son?”

He told me about how he tries to help whenever he can. If a book falls on the floor, he picks it up… no “thank you” in return. He opens the door for someone to go through… no “thank you” in return. Some people do the opposite of holding the door for the other person… they slam it in their face or just call them names. When he tries to be nice to someone… there’s no respect back. So, what’s the point in respecting others when there’s nothing in return? What’s the point in being a gentleman and respecting girls if they only want to be with the mean ones?  Now… that’s a lesson we all have to learn. In the work place, in our homes, in Walmart… why should we be nice and respectful when there’s no “thank you” or respect reciprocated? That’s tough to learn and tough to explain. Praying our Eric can be the example… that he can break the mold… that he can persevere even when he feels like the lone man standing.

 There’s some of my kiddo’s thoughts from his first week of school. Yep…

Now… he’s not perfect. I’m not living in denial of the could be’s, but I’m proud of him regardless. I mean… I just found out he didn’t tell us he had a test on Friday because he knew we would want him to study and he would lose time on his video games. Oh golly… Let’s hope that grade is okay! Ha.

I have no idea what kind of grades he’ll bring home. I don’t know what the first friends will be like that come over to the house. I don’t know if he’ll eventually get involved in school sports/clubs. I don’t know if he’ll get in trouble or do something crazy at school. But I’m looking forward to experiencing it all!


  1. Anna you are a gym. Your zeal and love for your son and of the Lord shine through every word you write. I will tag all of my grandchildren in this post especially those in middle school. Thank you for your inspiration and your rebuke two are young ladies and gentlemen and during the process of growing into disciples in our public schools

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