Food for Thought – Costa Rica Must Haves!

When starting to think through the realities of day to day life on a mission trip, one question you may be thinking is “What will I eat?” In this series, PPM’s Missions Coordinators and Full-time Missionaries want to offer you a little insight into the delicious international cuisine we get to eat on a day to day basis. So come and join us on a trip and don’t be afraid to taste the flavors of the world!

In my opinion, if you ever touch foot in Costa Rica, there are 5 (five) things you MUST HAVE! These things are easy to find and even easier to ingest! They are delicious!

#1 Chiky

If you have been on a PPM trip, you have had the amazing privilege of snacking on some Chikys. These delicacies are cookie crackers with chocolate made onto them.  Pair them with a marshmallow and warm them up, you have yourself a Tico S’more! When you are basking in the Costa Rican sun and working hard, you can keep going and push through when handed a Chiky!


#2 Yipy

This, for me, is even better than a Chiky! It’s the goodness of a wafer, smothered in chocolate, with some peanut butter taste mixed in… YUM! This is not so good to eat out in the sun unless you like to lick the melted chocolate off of your fingers. But… after a long day of serving and learning and playing, this is what you want to bite into before an amazing night of team worship and sleep!


#3 Lizano Salsa

This makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  This sauce/salsa is good on any and everything, especially Gallo Pinto. I am a huge fan of rice and beans, but some people become tired of it.  The remedy… cover the rice and beans in Lizano salsa! You can’t go wrong! I have a bottle at home and love it on hamburgers and steaks as well!


#4 Mamones

My teams have asked, “What are those furry strawberries?” Well… they are mamones and they taste nothing like a strawberry. They are a delightful fruit. I describe them as tasting like a pear mixed with a grape. You just peel off the furry/spiky covering and eat the delicious goodness inside.  Mamones are sold on the side of the roads all over Costa Rica. Depending on which province they are being harvested in at that time, you can spot stands all along the roads with mamones piled up, ready to buy! These fruits are great snacks any time of day!



Last but DEFINITELY not least… coffee! I do not drink coffee in the states, but I don’t miss a coffee break in Costa Rica! I’m telling you… there’s something magical about the coffee there. I don’t know if it’s the beautiful scenery surrounding you or the amazing conversations with pastor’s wives that happen around a coffee pot, but it’s just so good. If you go to Costa Rica… you have to drink their coffee. Make sure you have at least one cup (like that’s possible… just one cup) from a Costa Rican native. Then, if you must leave… don’t leave without a bag of coffee of your own. My family and I like 1820 the best. It’s all good, but this stuff is great and it comes with a pretty good price!


There’s the “must haves” if you are ever visiting Costa Rica. Make note of them and don’t miss out!

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