The truth about full-time missionaries: they need you!


This week has been a bit of a roller coaster. We said “see ya later” to some of our precious family and one of our great friends. Both are heading overseas into the mission field. My perspective on missionaries has changed DRASTICALLY working closely with some within PPM and seeing people close to us prepare to go. They are real people with real needs and families and hurts and praises and struggles and confusion and questions…

Yes, we desperately need missionaries in the field doing the work… but they also need us. As we said “see ya later” this week, they said with a choked-up voice and tears, “Please don’t  forget to call and text us…”

Don’t forget them. Don’t just put the prayer cards in your Bible and forget. Don’t forget to pray. Don’t forget to call. Don’t forget to tell their story (as much as you are allowed to tell). Don’t forget to text. Don’t forget them… they need you. They need encouragement. They need reminders. They need faith-boosters. It’s not a full-blown revival everyday… every year… sometimes there’s no visible fruit at all. DON’T FORGET THEM!

Did you know? 

  • 12,000 Missionaries leave the field every year for preventable reasons.
  • Many are headed home at this very moment.
  • There are approximately 100,000 missionaries worldwide.

Jacob and I set our minds to it when we got married to never forget and to do whatever we could to serve those who serve.

Maybe you’re thinking… I do pray. I don’t forget. I do contact them… what more can I do?

Well… let me purpose something to you. Jacob and I are on the board and work closely with a ministry called ServantCARE. This ministry likes to answer the question: What else do missionaries need?


While they are “Home” – What happens when missionaries come home on furlough? Most of them don’t have houses in the States. Most don’t have cars. Yes, they can stay with family, BUT what if they just need time to be them? Time alone. Time to regroup. Time away from people for a bit. What then?

Hospitality Homes, that’s what! Homes… opened up to missionaries/ministers so that they can be relieved of the burden of finding somewhere to stay or feeling like they are imposing on family OR just getting away. You can get involved in this! Do you have an extra room in your home? Do you enjoy hosting others in your home? Do you have room for others to come and rest? It’s easy… just say that you are willing to open up your home and BOOM you are doing something so needed for missionaries!

If you are interested in becoming a Hospitality Home, email me at

While they are hurting – Now, think about when missionaries are in the field for 3, 5, 10, or more years. When they come back to the States, A LOT has changed! The families look different, the culture looks different, technology is different, and they have experienced things on the field that is nearly impossible to describe with words. Maybe they’ve experienced persecution. Maybe they’ve see poverty that is nauseating when they enter back into our consumer-driven society. Maybe a pastor in the States has been hurt by his/her own congregation and is grieving.

This is where Regional CARE Homes come in! ServantCARE has 8 Regional ‘CARE’ Locations (different than hospitality homes) that are lovingly  hosted by those who are trained and equipped to meet the particular ministry, spiritual, and emotional needs of those coming. 

Do you know a missionary or minister that needs time to be ministered to? Let me know! Email me at

While they are serving – PRAY!! If you are a prayer warrior and have a heart for missions, I am cordially inviting you to be a part of the Prayer Shield. This is a weekly prayer call/list that goes out with needs from around the world. Not only can you add your own needs/needs of missionaries and enlist the help of 132 other intercessors, you can actively pray for those serving in all the nations.

Want to start receiving the Prayer Shield email, let me know! Email me at

When they need to get away – This was/is Jacob and my dream… a home for missionaries. Check it out when I blogged about it many moons ago RIGHT HERE! In 2011 ServantCARE was given a 6,000 square foot home in beautiful SW Wisconsin. It’s a retreat center for the Body of Christ called The Dwelling Place.  All are invited to go and spend time with Him there.  It’s a remedy and a response to those feeling burdened and worn out.

Do you know someone in the ministry or are you just tired from serving? We would love to get you time away at The Dwelling Place.  Again… email me at

Ask your pastor. Ask missionaries you know. Ask those serving around you…  What do you need? How can I serve you? Would any of these things encourage your ministry? 

Whatever you do… don’t forget to call and text. Don’t forget to pray. Don’t forget those missionaries. They are hard-working, culture penetrating, un-named history makers, and we want to see that they are ‘ministered to’ as completely as they minister.

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