6 months!

Can you believe it? We’ve been a family of three for 6 months!! Isn’t that insane? That’s 1/2 a year! There are some days when I feel like we’ve always been a family of 3… and there are other days when we are obviously still figuring each other out.

We certainly don’t have it figured out and if you compared what we actually did to the books that tell you what to do with a recently adopted child… we got it all wrong.  Cocooning, sheltering, homeschooling… nah. We did what our family needed and what we felt the Lord wanted… and it’s been incredible. We believed as long as the 3 of us were together, regardless of who we were with or what we were doing, “family” would happen and the love between us would deepen… and that’s our story.

If you want to see the year and 9 months leading up to coming home, check out our full Adoption Timeline. Also, if you don’t know our story, it’s right here.

Here’s a run down of our last 6 months! I tried to pick one per month… but you know that ain’t happening!

April, 2014 – We Brought Eric home!!

Got cha
Got Cha Day! April 9, 2014!
Homecoming!! April 18, 2014

May, 2014 – we overwhelmed Eric with meeting everyone we know… almost. We had a party for people to come a meet Eric… he likes to call it “Eric Day.” Haha. He met way too many people for pictures to have been taken with everyone.  Here’s pictures of the aunts, uncles, and cousins that were there!

Jared, Kylie, Ashley, Jojo, Eric, Anna, & Jacob
Ava, Anna, Misty, Mikey, & Barrett (not pictured: Eric)

Eric also met his Great Grandparents in May.

With Nanny and Pawpaw
With Nanny and Pawpaw

During May, Eric also had his first visit to Troy and to the Gulf of Mexico. He got to meet the Knicks, our best friends from Troy. Eric adores Parker and Raeleigh and they love him too!

Parker, Eric, Raeleigh, & Anna


June, 2014 – This was a CRAZY month! Lots of pictures taken. Eric met more people and then we moved to Costa Rica for the summer! Culture shock x 2!

Family pictures!
June 3
More Family Pictures
His amazing summer or hard work and new friendships began!

July, 2014 – we still continued our mission work together in Costa Rica. It was a wonderful month that it’s hard to capture in pictures.  This one is my favorite:

This is Darrell and Eric. They have so much in common. He will be moving to Costa Rica with his family in June. They are going to be BFF! We are thankful for him!
This is Darrell and Eric. They have so much in common. He will be moving to Costa Rica with his family in June. They are going to be BFF! We are thankful for him!

August, 2014 – We came home from Costa Rica and Eric started middle school! He is clearly the best-dressed 8th grader. He is seriously more stylish than you even know…. he asks me to iron t-shirts for him and wears button-down shirts at least 3 days a week.  Conversations about clothes are quite entertaining!

1st day of school!
1st day of school!

September, 2014 – September was filled with LOTS of time with family, more “firsts,” and lots of laughs (and video games)!

Holiday Dinner with family
Holiday Dinner with family
Anna’s Birthday

 We love our family of 3. It’s amazing to think that one year we had just begun talking with him on the phone… now he’s with us and truly a part of our family.  We love him more than he’ll ever understand.

We are looking forward to many more months together and all that they bring!


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