Here’s the truth, ladies!

Here’s the truth, ladies… we need each other!

Last weekend I was able to go to Nashville to spend time with my favorite ladies… and it was so refreshing! There’s nothing better than girls getting together and just being themselves.  No masks. No hiding. No huge responsibilities.

I don’t have anything profound or long to say except for… if you don’t have those kind of friends you need to find some NOW! Friends to laugh with, to have a great time with, to cry with, and to pray with… if you ain’t got them, you NEED them! I love these girls. I love them so much… and their kiddos too. We pick up where we leave off. We come out of separate rooms after we get ready with the same shoes, hair style, and shirt style. We get each other. It’s magical. There’s no holding back. It’s just good.

Friday night, when we got there, 3 of us were standing around talking about how happy we were to all be together.  We were saying that we were thankful for our hubbies just letting us go and have a girls’ weekend… because we just love time together so much.  Then, my friend Jess started getting choked up. She explained that her hubby wants her to have girls’ weekend because he knows that it makes her an even better wife/mom. He knows that when she comes back, she’s refreshed, re-energized, happier, and ready to get back to real life.  Then… we all started shedding some tears. Ha. Then we laughed at each other. But it’s true… when you spend time with YOUR PEOPLE just being YOU… you go back home restored and ready to take on the world. (Except if you are like me with this last time – I think I went into mourning because I just wanted the weekend to keep going… oops… but I feel GREAT now).

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So let us…

Stop comparing yourself to other women and go love them like we all know we need it!

Stop making excuses to not pick up the phone to call your bestie… just do it! Make the time!

Stop forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, and other dates… they are important to them so they should be important to us… me.

Stop putting off the visits… no matter the distance… just get in the car and go! You need it!

Stop forgetting to get deep with each other. Don’t stay on the small talk when you are together… get to the meat of what’s really going on… and then pray together! That’s the best.

I’m doing a Bible study by Jennie Allen called Restless right now, and she says that having friends is not hard… we just can’t be lazy. It takes 4 things:

Get a little messy

Give a lot of grace

Pick imperfect people.

And don’t leave them! 


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