Happy Birthday Eric!

We know have a 15 year old in the house! Woot Woot!! Eric’s first birthday with us was this past Sunday. We loved celebrating him all weekend long! So thankful for that boy. Thankful that his birth momma chose life. Thankful for the orphanage workers who kept him safe for all those years. Thankful that God orchestrated this crazy, awesome plan for him to be our son. Thankful for our Eric!

Our present to him was a cell phone… oh Lord help us.  Cell phones just freak me out for teenagers. He was super excited about it and very thankful, so hopefully with some transparent parenting, checks, and open discussion… we’ll survive this cell phone stuff. It is convenient just to text him when I need to ask him a question. But still…


For his actual birthday party, he wanted to do laser tag and go-karts. Done. We invited some friends and family and had us a party. He loved it! And so did we. It’s really fun to be a parent of a teenager… because you can pretend it’s all for them, but in reality you enjoy beating them in laser tag and ramming them on the go-kart track just as much as them. Here’s some photos from the fun-packed day.


Here’s some of the laser tagging group.



Eric and Jacob duking it out on the track!


YUMMIEST CAKE EVER!! Eric wanted a cake with ice cream and regular cake… so we ordered it from ColdStone. Delish! It sounds ridiculous, but seriously was like heaven. It was a chocolate cake base, sweet cream ice cream with caramel and chocolate chip add-ins, chocolate hard frosting, and real strawberries. YUM!


Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday!

IMG_4992 IMG_4993

Don’t you love how Parker, the little boy, is blowing the candles out with Eric? Hilarious. They are two peas in a pod together.


Eating and presents.

IMG_4996 IMG_5007 IMG_5012

Here’s some friends. Yep… he’s a ladies’ man. He did invite some fellas from school, but they are on the wrestling team and had a match at the same time as his party. Boo. Either way, he had a blast! He probably would have had just as much fun if he was the only one there… he’s just that kind of kiddo!


Precious framily (we ain’t just friends… we framily)


His Great Nanny.


IMG_5039 IMG_5040

Jacob & Rae

20141115_154742 20141115_144944

Thankful for besties who were able to come by the party as well.  They love me well and seeing them is so good for my heart. So thankful I have girls who come along on this crazy life with me and love my son and family.

In case you wanted to know, Sunday (his actual) we continued the celebrations with lunch (hamburgers, beans and rice, dirt cake, and jello) at our house after church. The whole fam, plus Bradley, came to spend some time with him. I also decorated the house with birthday banners and balloons… that’s always fun and festive! I don’t think he’s used to people making such a big deal of his birthday. He also was able to talk to his best friend in Belize, Gian! I know that made his heart happy.  Here he is in Eric Paradise = video game, Gian on Skype, and technology all around.  (It’s hilarious… when they Skype with each other, they just keep each other’s videos up while they each play their own video game. It’s like they are just hanging out in the same room… doing what they’ve always done.)


There you have it… Eric’s 15th birthday.

BTW… planning b’day parties for your kids is stressful. Making sure you have everything done right, hoping people show up, getting food ready, etc. Whew… it’s a lot for this spastic mom.


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