Woman of PEACE in 2015

Here we are, mid-January of WHAT?!

Over the past few years, I have felt that God has given be a word that would be my truth for that year.

In 2010 (right after we got married), it was FREEDOM. This was the year I really looked at who I was head-on and tackled what it meant to be FREE in grace, love, and delight the Lord had/has for me.

In 2011, it was VICTORY. This year I saw VICTORY in so many things – in myself, in Jacob, in our youth, in our church, in our family…

In 2012, it was JOY. A year of great joy – going to Belize, starting the adoption process, seeing fruit in our youth ministry, seeing God do great things.

In 2013, it was AWAKEN. Deep desires of my heart were awaken this year. Faith was awaken in me to trust Him in the dark… and in the waiting. Burdens for others were felt more intensely and my soul was moved to do more. We were awaken to a new call of service and a career with Praying Pelican. 2013 was a scary and overwhelming year… I guess that’s what happens when God lets you know that He’s going to wake you up.

In 2014, it was AWARE. I wanted to be aware of God in everything… in all places… and in all people. I was able to experience God in incredibly new ways – as a mom to a teenager, as a missionary in Costa Rica, as a member of a new church, in a new community, and, and, and… I don’t know if I did a great job of truly being AWARE of what He was up to or who He was making me to be… but I tried to be present through it all.

This year, 2015… I think the Lord is asking me to be a woman of PEACE.

A heart of PEACE gives life to the body,

but envy rots the bones.

Proverbs 14:30

Oh… I want life in my body! I don’t want to live in envy of what could be or “should” be. I don’t want to stumble looking at what they have over there or how she’s doing life over there or how __________ (whatever) turned out for them. I just want to be at PEACE. Peace with myself, peace with my Jesus, and peace for others.

You know those people that when you enter their presence… you just feel more at peace? You know those people that, although they have a THOUSAND other things going on, they take time to be present and just be with/for you in that moment? You know those people, even when life is crazy and chaotic, their life and talk and walk scream PEACE? Yea… I want to be that person.

I feel that I have been the opposite of that lately. In reality, God has placed other women of peace in my life the last year as we’ve journeyed through all these changes.

I get wrapped up in the busy-ness, the rushed agendas, the have-to’s, the I don’t want to’s, and myself… I don’t want to offer the people around me more stress, more chaos, more rush, more expectations. I want to offer peace, grace, and an invitation to rest and breathe.

A woman of PEACE… a woman who ushers in opportunities but is wise enough to say no to those that will distract. A woman who, even though a doubt and fear (my worst enemy) raise and clinch their fist in my face… my heart is at peace with my Savior… and HE will fight for me. A woman who offers peace to others… not more dread, despair, or condemnation.

So… here’s to 2015! Here’s to learning how to be a woman of PEACE in this world of unrest.



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