Yep! We are pregnant!

So this happened…

Baby announcement 2

AHH!!! This is real life!

I know many of you are jumping up and down because there’s a baby in my belly.  I probably swore to you that I would never get pregnant… that I would just adopt. Well, I would be perfectly happy with adopting babes (and teenagers) for the rest of our life, but here we are and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s a God thing for sure. Our pregnancy story doesn’t start with the pee stick though… it started with some words from friends.

(Keep in mind I believe God can get in touch with us however He wants to! He’s God, people!)

3 years ago…

A Tico pastor (Costa Rican), Anabelli, prayed over my womb! AHHH! I was NOT ready for that! We were in the mountains on our first mission trip to Costa Rica. We were getting ready for lunch and just chatting with each other.  She hugged me around my mid-section and then started praying out loud in Spanish. I thought it was sweet… until one of our translators looked at me and said, “You know she’s praying for your womb, right?” AHHHH!! No I did not.  I shooed her away and told her to wait. Whether I was ready or not this lady, who is surely on speed dial with God, prayed for a baby to be in my womb…

By the way… Jacob got to tell her that there is actually a baby in my womb last week while he was in Costa Rica. She is PUMPED!! He said she screamed and danced when he told her!


This summer we were able to work with an amazing translator, Ciri. She’s great! On my last trip of the summer, she said that she needed to talk to Jacob and me. She got us in a room and explained that she had a dream about us, and she was scared to tell us about it. She said God sometimes shows her things through dreams and they often become reality. Awesome. We definitely wanted to hear it… unless it was bad. She said that in March (before she even met me in person), she had this dream…

She dreamed that she was meeting up with us in Costa Rica for a trip.  She pulled up to a community center that we asked her to meet us at.  As she walked up, she saw Jacob standing outside with a baby in his arms (don’t know the gender… darn).  She said that Jacob was glowing and hurried to meet her to introduce her to the babe. He then ushered her into the building where Eric and I were hanging out. She said that we were all so happy to be together in Costa Rica and that we were a lovely family… WITH A BABY!!!

We were a bit stunned about the dream. Jacob was pumped… he’s been wanting to pass his genes along for a while now.

Of course…

Several of my friends have had dreams that we got pregnant throughout the past few months. They all just needed to text me and tell me about their dreams. And every time they see me they ask if I’m preggers yet… I guess that’s what happens when you are married in your late (omg… I’m in my late) 20’s. Smile.

Many of my friends have prayed over me and for me – for my fears, against any possible issues, and for a healthy babe! So thankful I have friends I can turn to in transparency…

Then… here’s the kicker…

One day in like September/October, I went to go get my face waxed (you know… eyebrows and that pesky upper lip) at the nail place. I signed in, sat down, and pulled out my phone. There was a lady sitting a few chairs down from me playing on her phone as well. After a just a few minutes, she looked up and asked, “Hey… are you pregnant?”… “Uh… WHAT?!?!” I was so offended! Did she really think I looked like I was pregnant. I immediately planned to go to the gym ASAP and do Crossfit for 4 weeks straight.

Then she tried to retreat, “I didn’t mean you looked pregnant, hunny. What I meant to ask was do you want a baby?”

“Uhh… sure…. one day.” I was super confused. Had no clue where this was going.

Then she looked at me very intently and said, “The Lord wants you to know that you will have a baby. You will have a baby very soon and it will all be okay.”


She continued, “I’m not crazy, hunny, I’m a woman of great faith. The Lord wants you to know this and that it’s going to be okay.”

I just stood there, looking at her… stunned. I said a sheepish “thanks,” her name was called, and she headed back to get a pedicure. I sat there shocked and wanting to cry. I knew it was the Lord. He knew my deep insecurities and fears about all the pregnancy talk and the fact that birth control was out the window. He knew I was so fearful that I couldn’t get pregnant, that a miscarriage would happen, and that I would “fail” at this. He knew… and he sent me to a nail salon to hear that it was going to be okay. I know it sounds crazy, but I don’t think it was at all. I think it was my Jesus just loving on me in a way that I would have to listen to Him.

So… here we are. On our way to being a family of FOUR! O wow!

Jacob and I are PUMPED! Obviously, I still have fears and worries just like every other preggo mommy… but when those doubts come my way, I just have to scream back, “I TRUST JESUS!”

Eric is excited! He is going to be the BEST and COOLEST big brother EVER!! I wish you all could see him with kids now! When we first told him, he wasn’t sure what to do or say.  The more he was able to process it, the more excited he got! I know he is going to love having another kiddo to play with all the time. I’m sure he won’t completely enjoy the crying in the middle of the night or the other craziness that babies/siblings bring along with them… but he’s going to love it… and the babe will love him!

Our family is so excited as well! It was a scream fest when they opened up their personalized onsies and realized what it meant! Here’s a picture from the day we told them.



  1. This is truly amazing and inspiring. Anna I have always admired your faith and your positive outlook on life. You will be the best mommy have a large heart and you and Jacob and Eric deserve to have one big happy family. Thank you for writing this. It helped me to realize God truly is in control of our fears and desires. Congrats!!!!!!

  2. Hey Anna,

    I LOVE reading your blog posts. This is such a beautiful and perfect description of how our Lord works! I am very happy for all of you and I know your in laws are over the moon!
    (In case you don’t remember, I’m Ashley’s cousin)! Thanks for sharing!

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