Week 9 – Pregnancy Post!

Here we are at Week 9! Just so you can all go in this journey with me… I’m gonna keep you updated. Again… it’s my way of processing this crazy thing called life, so you can join me at your own risk.

PhotoGrid_1422471030130Size of babe: GRAPE! Our little grape has all its essential organs, it’s eyes are fully formed… even COLOR (but fused shut), the heart is separating into the 4 chambers, and its muscles and nerves are growing. It has elbows, knees, and shoulders now! How crazy! It also has its sex organs right now… but you can’t see them yet. Oh… how I wonder if it will be a Bella Joy or an Eli Stephen! I would love either with all my heart!

Symptoms: a bit nauseous at times. VERY TIRED at night… like my body is fully ready for bed at 8:00! sore boobs. twinges of pain still (that’s the uterus stretching… again, bye bye body). HUNGRY.ALL.THE.TIME!! Something strange – I think this babe is making me car sick! I never get car sick… but I Googled it, of course, and it was confirmed… the babe can be the game changer! I’ve been traveling some and, man, I feel AWFUL after being in the car for a while as the passenger! It’s no fun. I’m emotional – I have cried at things I would have never cried at before – Sweet Home, Alabama movie when Reese is talking to the tombstone of Bear the dog, a Friends episode when Jennifer Anniston was preggers, commercials, blogs, and more.

Cravings this week: I don’t know if they are “cravings,” but these are the things I’ve really liked lately – Chick-Fil-A wraps, Wickles (so so good… I could eat a lot of them before, but I did eat a whole jar in about 10 minutes this week… Oops), Taco Bell, baked potatoes, salsa/tomatoes, fruit, salad (my mom’s salad), pasta… and a lot of other stuff.  The only thing I DO NOT WANT is hamburgers… GROSS!! That makes me want to barf just thinking about eating a hamburger.

Sleeping: I sleep great… always have. I just have weird-o dreams. Lately I have been dreaming that I have been doing the things I have on my to-do list. Only later do I realize I have not in fact done said things.  It’s a big surprise to me…

Maternity Clothes: I don’t need these yet, but I do feel puffier than normal. I know I don’t look puffy yet, but I FEEL puffier and I KNOW it’s there!

Gender: Obviously, we don’t know yet. Jacob is adamant that it’s a boy. He would LOVE a girl (and be in big trouble if it was a little girl), but he swears it’s going to be a boy. I have no clue. I would love to have a 24/7 girls ministry! Oh my goodness… crafts and girly Bible study lessons all the time! How I would love to one day raise a princess of the King. But… a boy! Gosh… they are so fun!! To be able to watch Jacob and Eric teach that lil’ guy what it means to be men of God… my heart would explode!  Eric said he wants it to be a girl… but he thinks it’s a boy. Most people who have made a predication think girl.  I guess we will see in several weeks!

Weight Gain: I don’t know. I go back to the doc next week on Feb. 4 (10 weeks). I’ll let them do the dirty work on this. I hate scales. So there…

**Pray for everything to be great next week at the doc!!! Pray we hear a strong heartbeat!

Stretch marks: Not yet! But… I have finally come to the realization that if/when it happens… it’s all good. This is a big deal for me. I know those stretch marks, extra skin, body changes, and extra pounds signify beauty and life! That’s a cool thing.

Real Talk: Y’all… it’s crazy I have a BABY inside of me! It’s such an honor and a burden to be an expecting mom (that’s weird to say). All I can do is try to take care of my body the best possible and pray like a crazy woman that this babe is healthy and safe. It’s scary. I wish I just owned an ultra sound machine so I could just be hooked up to it all the time to make sure everything is alright in there… but that might be overkill and impossible. So… it’s just me and Jesus… day by day. I know there are SO MANY people praying for us and this GRAPE… and that gives me so much comfort. The fears are real of the worse happening… but God just keeps inviting me to rest in Him. (Psalm 62)

Also… in case you were wondering… We did talk to the doc about Costa Rica and my traveling. If everything goes great, the doc said I could continue to travel until July (I’ll be 7 months – woah!).  So, the plan right now is for me to come back the end of June from Costa Rica. I’ll be home for July and August getting everything baby-ready! Jacob will come home mid-July after he finishes up some of our busy weeks. I’ll be traveling throughout the Spring starting next month. There were a few requirements I had to agree to (clean water, safe environment, food cooked in clean conditions, drink lots of water – all of which we do), and then she approved me. Yay! I mean… I was going to go regardless… so either the doc would approve me or I would find a new doc. Smile! Granted, things could change… but this is the plan as of now. I’m pumped about being a preggo leading mission trips! It will be adventurous!

So… there’s week 9! Onward! Hopefully next week we will have great news from the doc, a heart rate, and our first pictures of the babe!! AHHH!!! I’m going to be a blubbery mess!

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  1. I’m analyns mother in law and Justin’s mom I am so glad for y’all . I love readin this so proud of y’all good luck in your months to come. Diane Blair

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