10 weeks – we heard the heartbeat!! – Pregnancy Post

I am 10 weeks!! That’s a quarter of the way done!!! Wowzers. PhotoGrid_1423070200182

We had our 2nd doc appointment this morning. We got to hear the heartbeat!!!! Praise Jesus!! I have been anxious leading up to today.  When people would ask me how I was feeling, I just responded by saying that I would feel a lot better once I heard the heartbeat. That was such a sweet sound this morning! We were able to hear it through a Doppler. We don’t know the rate… but they said it was a fast one. So… whatever that means. So praise Jesus for a healthy babe and a healthy me! Here’s this week’s stuff if you are bored and need a read…

Size of the babe: KUMQUAT or PRUNE!! Couldn’t we come up with something better than that? I don’t know what a KUMQUAT is and no one eats PRUNES unless you are 87 years old. Anyways… lots going on with the babe this week! It’s growing tiny fingernails and peach fuzz hair! WHAT?!? The babe can swallow and kick now. It’s kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver are all in place and starting to function!! It’s developing wrists and ankles this week! So crazy! Poor kid… it’s forehead is huge… half the size of it’s body right now! God is so nuts… how can anyone think that there isn’t a loving God sovereign over all of this??

Symptoms: T.I.R.E.D. yep! I’m tired. I’m semi tired throughout the day… some days are worse than others. But, at 8:00pm, I am passed ready for bed… like I literally can’t keep going. Jacob told me he thought something was wrong with me because he didn’t think I was suppose to be that tired every night. I just looked at him and said, “I am growing a freakin’ human in me! Yea… I’m suppose to be tired!” I then proceeded to snapshot all of my pregnancy app updates showing all that was going on inside of me, sent them to him, and tried to explain that my body was working overtime. I mean… I was making placenta for goodness sake! Ha! I did throw up once… and have been nauseous quit a bit, but that’s okay! I’m still having some stretchy twinges of pain in the abdomen. gas. sore boobs. pimples. and all that fun stuff.

Oh… and I’m hungry!! I’ll just be minding my own business and all of a sudden… it hits me… I’m starving!!! If I don’t eat within a few minutes, I feel like I’m going to barf. So that’s a fun balance! I really don’t know how those mommies who have bad sickness cope!

Cravings this week: No for real cravings. I like everything except hamburgers… still sounds like an awful idea! I really like baked potatoes these days, veggies, salads, rice, wraps, CARBS. Not really wanting meat… but that’s nothing new.  I did discover that apples with Nutella are AMAZING!!! You should try it! It’s absolutely delish!

Sleeping: I’m sleeping just great. Still having weird dreams. Still sleeping through pee breaks… must not be time for that for me yet… or maybe I just sleep too hard.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet… but I feel the bump/bloating!!! The tightness of my jeans are getting to me. I think I’m getting to the, “Has she gained weight?” stage. So… there’s that.

Gender: Don’t know yet. Jacob is still adamant that it’s a boy. My mom still says girl. I really have no idea. I will be completely overjoyed with either!! I can’t wait to find out though!

Weight Gain: I gained 4 pounds… doc wasn’t thrilled about that. Her goal is for me to gain 25 pounds the entire time… so I can’t be gaining 4 pounds every month. Oops. Oh well. I’ll do better next time.  Maybe we’ll actually get back to the gym… I’ve just been tired… and made up other excuses. And I’ve just been hungry!!

Stretch Marks: Not yet… that I’ve found.

Real Talk: I’m so excited about this journey and this babe.  The doc told us that since they heard the heartbeat today that my chances for miscarriage drop to less than 1%. Oh, Praise Jesus!! I know it can obviously still happen, but that makes this anxious heart breath a little better.

Also, can I just share 2 blogs that I have loved since we found out? They are just awesome, real, and raw. I’m praying I will always be an encouragement to other moms and that I can surround myself with moms who will encourage me (I have some great friends who already do that). So here’s 2 blogs that all moms should read:

This one is from one of my PPM co-workers, Bethany. She’s amazing and has a new babe of her own: A Plea to Already-Moms Everywhere

I don’t know who this person is… but this blog is phenomenal: They Should’ve Warned Me

So that’s 10 weeks! So much is going on in life outside of this growing babe… but I’ll save it for another post. God is good. He is faithful. His love is great.

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