All about Eric

19285_10101055022673106_7984206609951048277_nCan y’all believe that Eric has been here for 10 months!!! What in the world?? So crazy. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that we stepped off that plane from Belize… and other days it feels like he has just always been here with us. This kid is special. He’s hilarious. If you met him and you think he’s shy… he tricked you. If you met him and you think he’s quiet… you are poorly mistaken. He keeps us laughing and once you get him going, he won’t be quiet… even if he has a mouth full of food.

He’s a good kiddo, too. He’s honest… to the core. Maybe too honest. Ha. He tries hard and never wants to disappointment anyone. He cares about everyone… even those who often get overlooked. So thankful he’s our son. So thankful I’m his momma.

I just wanted to share some behind-the-scenes things so you could get a better understanding of who Eric is.  Don’t tell him I wrote all of this about him… 15 year olds don’t really appreciate their mom telling funny stories about them on the world wide web, ya know. But if you tell him… I’ll just deny it. Here’s some stuff:


So, the one thing happened last night. Cracked me up. It will give you a good picture of who he is. So, Eric LOVES… I mean L.O.V.E.S. video games. The kid wants to design video games for a living for goodness sake.  Each day I try to ask him if he has homework or whatever he needs to do… usually he doesn’t, so I failed to ask those questions yesterday. Typically when we get home from church on Wednesdays, we eat dinner and Eric scurries off to the video games for a while before bed. Well… as I was finishing up dinner, Eric was walking from the den where his video games are into the living room where his book bag and stuff were set and then back to the den… and back to the living room. When he went into the den the first time, he turned on the TV… stood there starring at the TV… and then turned it off. When he walked into the living room, he looked at his bag, moved his binder around, sat on the couch… and then got up. He walked back and forth SEVERAL times. He never said anything. I was so confused. Finally, I said, “So, are you not playing tonight or what?” He looked around and said, “Ugh… I don’t think I can...” So I asked him to explain. He told me he actually had a Science worksheet to do, a paragraph to write, and a Math test he really needed to study more for. HAHAHA!! He was having a serious inner battle about this! I am so glad his honest, “good” side won. So… 2 hours later we (all 3 of us had to participate in this stuff) finished all the homework he had. SO SO thankful his convictions won out and he told on himself. Made me giggle… real hard.


When Eric says 3 (three), it sounds like TREE. When Eric says the word “truth,” it sounds like truT with a hard “T” finishing off the word. It’s from his Belizean creole accent… which is AWESOME! Anywhere you can find a “th” in a word… it doesn’t come off of Eric’s lips like you think it should. This goes for three, truth, thirty (sounds like TERDY), think, through, Ruth (that one’s funny), thigh, thick, thin (TICK and TIN… hilarious), thought… you get the picture.

So… one day Jacob and I came up with a great plan… let’s get him to say the number 333,333. YES! It was a success. His pronunciation = tree hundred terdy-tree Tousand, tree hundred terdy-tree. It’s awesome. Aren’t children for the parents entertainment?  I think so. Don’t worry… he knows we aren’t “making fun of him…” it’s just funny. We appreciate it about him.


Eric was playing basketball for the church team. He didn’t finish the season… but that’s a different story. Anyways, Eric has some moves… especially in the dribbling department. He’s also dark-skinned, SUPER fast, and just someone you would think (TINK) would be good at basketball. He’s never played a team sport before… in the orphanage it was every man for himself… so the whole team thing and rules was new.

Eric doesn’t really like to shoot the ball. He’ll do it… but I think he feels like he’s a “ball hog” if he shoots the ball. He always “breaks someone’s ankles” (as he calls it) with his dribbling moves and then passes the ball to someone else on the team to make the shot. Most kids pass it to the person on their team that usually make the basket… ya know, the best shooter. Not Eric. He always goes for the underdog. During one game… same routine… got the ball, lots of dribbling, time for the shot… Eric passes it to the underdog as usual. Underdog gets the pass, shoots, and…. HE SCORES!!!! A 3-point shot!!! HE SCORES!!! We went crazy!!! Eric was beaming… so proud of his teammate. The underdog looked into the stands at his dad like, “DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?”… with the biggest smile I’ve seen in a long time!!! It was magical!!

Please note… the team didn’t win that game… or any game…. but I love the heart Eric has towards most people. He just wants them to do well and feel included. I think it’s because he felt like the underdog for so long… and now he can do some little things about that. Thankful for that.


When Eric plays video games… it isn’t your average experience. He plays online interaction games… so he’s talking to real people on the other side of the headset. So, it gets pretty interesting. As you sit, minding your own business, cleaning, working, or what have you… thinking that it will be a quiet afternoon… suddenly, from the den, there is an explosion of screaming! And this is not your average screaming. He yells, at the top of his lungs are sorts of things: “YEE HAW!!!” “OH MY GOSH!” “YEA BOY!” “OHHHH…. DRAGON BALL Z STYLE!” “TAKE THAT BRUH!”… and so much more. so so much more. It’s quite entertaining. I wish I could video the right moments when he is screaming his little heart out… but you never know when those precious moments will come. I wish you could all hear him screaming… it’s one of the funniest things ever.

Also… You know how children will imitate their parents? Well.. ’tis the same for teenage children.  Jacob has developed a habit of sarcastically saying “SHOCKER…” when something obvious happens or is said. So, who else has developed this same habit? Yes, Eric.  I mean… it’s kind of cute that he’s imitating his dad… but not so cute that it is pure sarcasm that he has chosen to emulate.


Some days are harder. Some days he misses what he’s known all of his life. Some days he misses his Belize family… and even the things that became his comforts in the orphanage. Some days bring hard questions… that I have no idea how to answer. Some days he misses his brother terribly… he was adopted in Belize while Eric stayed in the orphanage. Some days it’s hard to make friends here because they don’t compare to the amazing 3 best friends he had in Belize. Some nights he has bad dreams. Some days he wishes he didn’t have the memories he has. And it’s okay to have all those days. It’s hard for mommas and daddies to know what to do or what to say on those days. We just sit and listen and ask questions if we feel we need to. We pray… a lot. We pray over him and with him and for him. Some days come with hard conversations. That’s what loving and parenting is all about.

We love this boy. Absolutely love him. Grateful that God had a purpose for him being grafted into our family. Wouldn’t have it any other way…

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