Morgan Party of 4ish…

Don’t worry… or get too excited… we aren’t having twins or anything like that.


We are Morgan Party of 4ish because we aren’t done growing yet. We feel sure we will have more children. Whether that be through adoption or more biological kids (because I just have some major things against birth control… more on that later), the kiddos will come. But… we are in a predicament –

More kiddos equals more mouths to feed which equals more money needed in the bank account.

We strongly believe God has us working at Praying Pelican Missions (PPM) for His purposes. We believe we are suppose to be there serving as missionaries/mission trip leaders in Costa Rica and serving in the States when we are home. You can read more about our specific job responsibilities here: What We Do.

With PPM, we are responsible for raising a portion of our income through fundraising. It’s tough. So far, we have really relied on selling some of our projects (clocks, furniture, bracelets, picture frames, etc) for those funds. But that’s not consistent… especially for more children/family responsibilities. We work our tails off and try our hardest to use our money wisely.

We would love for you to partner with our growing family. Without you we can’t continue doing what we are doing… seriously… we just can’t. There are several ways in which you can partner with us (below). Here is PPM’s website explaining more about staff support and how to give by sending a check – PPM Staff Support.

  • Support us monthly – Our prayer is for more monthly supporters.  Would you consider being one of them? Any gift is amazing – $10, $25, $50! Just click Make this recurring (Monthly) if you wish to give monthly.  These gifts truly help us having consistency in our lives regarding finances.
    • SOMETHING AWESOME = If you felt led to give $100 per month as a monthly supporter, this would qualify you for a FREE mission trip through PPM.  No strings attached. You would only have to pay for your flight to the location. So not only would you be supporting our family, you could also come on a trip with us and see what your money is going to support! Thanks PPM!
  • Give a one-time gift – one time gifts are MUCH appreciated! They don’t add the consistency factor, but we value them just the same.
  • Buy something from us! – Take a look at our Etsy store (link to the left) and buy something! We would love to make you a treasure! Again, it doesn’t help with the consistency thing… but it still helps!

If you have questions about being a supporter of our family, I would love to chat with you.  Feel free to contact me at

Thanks so much for taking time to read this and considering partnering with our family!

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