12 weeks – Pregnancy Post!

We are 12 weeks preggers!!! Hooray!!! I feel like 12 is a big step… I don’t know why, but we’ll go with it!PhotoGrid_1424212986476

Size of the baby: The babe is the size of a KIWI!!! I like that fruit. That is a good measurement. This week the baby is developing reflexes!! It’s fingers are opening and closing, toes are curling, eyes are squenching, and more!! CRAZY!! Nerve cells are developing in the brain rapidly. It’s intestines are growing. This is strange- the kidneys are starting to excrete urine into the baby’s bladder… umm… is it peeing in me? I don’t understand this. It’s a little over 2 inches long and weighs 1/2 an ounce. I wish I could feel it swimming around in there… but that will come.

Symptoms: tired. hungry. nauseous. I threw up again… in case you were wondering… and I’ve been more nauseous this week than before. I thought it was suppose to diminish about now. I apologize if you see me in Walmart or in my car looking like I just gagged… I did. I probably had a look of panic on my face because I was searching for the nearest bag/trash can just in case it was real. Most of the time it’s a false alarm, but for real… I have random and frequent gags. It’s really attractive and fun. I am super hungry ALL.THE.TIME… and still tired at about 8:00 each night. I’m really exciting these days. I think my belly is growing… but no one can really see it yet.  It’s an awkward position… I’m pregnant, no really I am! I know I don’t look it but there’s a human in me!

Cravings this week: Chick-Fil-A chicken wraps (#10 with ranch), Taziki’s Friday Special, pasta, and baked potatoes. Does that make any sense? Nope. I could pretty much just rotate those 4 things… or eat all 4… everyday. So yummy. I also think about Taco Bell, wickles (spicy pickles), and apples constantly. Strange stuff. I still have a hatred for hamburgers. VOMIT.

Sleeping: I am sleeping just fine… too much probably.  I am having to pee earlier in the morning than I want to wake up.  I guess that’s a good sign… I don’t know. I would rather just sleep through the pee breaks though.

Maternity Clothes: I don’t need them yet, but I did buy 3 larger pairs of capri leggings for my Spring mission trips.  So cozy, minimal squeezing on my tummy, and look good with Chacos! I’m going to have to buy a maternity one-piece suit soon… ugh.

Gender: Still have no clue. Jacob’s fam says boy. Any thoughts?

Weight Gain: I don’t know. By the amount of pasta and baked potatoes I’ve eaten… probably too much. Oh well!

Stretch Marks: Not that I can see yet.

Real Talk: 2 things –

First of all, my precious Nanny passed away on Valentine’s morning. I’m waiting for time to sit down and really type out my thoughts about this amazing woman. I hate she won’t get to meet little Bella Joy or Eli Stephen on this side of eternity, but I am so so thankful she is with Jesus with no more pain or confusion. She suffered with dementia for about 3 years. It become serious quickly. Within the last week and a half, she developed several health issues and the Lord took her home. I have no doubt she is with her Savior. My heart hurts for my Pawpaw… the best man I know. Married for 63 years… my heart breaks for him. Please pray for my Pawpaw and my family. 10462858_10101081276724776_150356636536720053_nSecond, I head down to Costa Rica tomorrow for 10 days. I am looking forward to getting back to my second home and spending time with amazing people. The team I’ll be working with is from Canada! Eh! We will be doing leadership training with pastors in the communities in which we will be serving, and will also be doing revivals every night in various churches in the Guanacaste province. We will also be doing children’s ministry at Pastor Daniel’s church and building a bakery for his church.  The bakery, as of now, is a make-shift oven (I can’t even explain it) and a lean-to shelter.  We will be building in the bakery and buying an oven for the church.  This bakery will be used to bring income into the church to allow them to do more outreach and continue their ministry. Jacob got to taste the baked goods in January… he approves!!

Please pray for the ministries to be effective and glorifying to the Lord. Pray that we will experience God and empower the leaders in Costa Rica to persevere! And pray for me, selfishly, for energy. I don’t think I’ve ever asked for prayers for energy, but with this babe I just feel zapped! These revivals could last until 10:00 each night and then we are up and at ’em at 7:00 each morning. I’m going to be relying on God’s grace and energy! He’s got this!

P.S. I can’t wait to experience missions with the babe on the outside of the womb in the coming years!! Gonna be crazy!!


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