Weeks 13 and 14 – Pregnancy Post!

We are officially in the 2nd trimester!! Hooray!PhotoGrid_1425584059195

(Please excuse the hair in the pic. That’s what happens when you are 27 years old, you still wear pig tail braids on mission trips, you don’t put sunscreen on your part, you get burnt, and your husband freaks out because your head is peeling. He made me “cover it all up!” haha)


We went to the doc today and ALL IS WELL!! Thank the Lord! The baby’s heart rate was 156. So, there’s that.  And we have our ultrasound appointment on APRIL 14TH!!! Hooray! But… one of our good friends wants to throw us a gender reveal party (because that’s what you do these days), so we are going to be “patient” and wait 4 more days to find out with everyone. That’s more thrilling, right? So, we will know (as long as the babe cooperates) if it’s a Bella Joy or Eli Stephen on April 18th!! WOOHOO!

Size of the baby: Week 13 the babe was a KIWI! I was in Costa Rica and had zero time for a babe update so… this is it.  This week, week 14, the babe is a LEMON!!! It’s about 3.5 inches long. The LEMON can know squint, frown, grimace, PEE, and possibly suck its thumb! That’s cray cray! It’s making facial expression these days. If it’s like its mom, we know there will be a ton of that happening. The babe is just growing and growing. Its brain is developing the 2 separate hemispheres this week and will probably determine if the babe will be left or right handed! Wow! I’m just amazed at everything going on inside my body right now!

Symptoms: MOTION SICKNESS!!!!!! Yikes! I have never experienced it before, but it has arrived. The plane rides to and from Costa Rica were interesting. We also had to ride in a bus for about 4 hours to pick up the team one day… yea… that was rough! Thankfully… I made it to a toilet every time!! One time it hit me on the plane, I jumped up and found a line waiting on the bathroom. I just pushed through and said, “I’m pregnant… I need to go first because I’m getting sick!” They were too startled to stop me. Ha! So… I made it to the privacy of that airport bathroom before I let loose. Other that the car/plane ride sickness, I’m feeling great. I’m hungry every… oh, 20 minutes, like STARVING! I am getting less tired at night (I think)… at least I was able to stay up past 10:00/11:00 each night with my team in Costa Rica! That was a God thing for sure! I have the hiccups a lot, strange bathroom experiences, long fingernails, and more fun stuff.

Cravings this week: Well, in Costa Rica there was no time for cravings. I just ate LOTS of rice, beans, salad and SALSA LIZANO!! Yum! The babe liked that. My snack of choice was Cheez-Its and they always hit the spot.

This week I am still wanting Chick-Fil-A wraps – I could eat 3 a day! Poor Jacob… I think he is tired of the CFA. I am still a huge fan of CARBS, salads, apples, baked taters, french fries, veggies (I ate a whole can of corn and a can of green beans for dinner last night… what?), pop corn, and cheese. Still find hamburgers DISGUSTING! Gross! And I’m not really wanting sweets…. I’d rather have salty or sour.

Sleeping: Sleeping great. Still sleeping through the nightly pee breaks so YAY! I don’t like waking up in the middle of the night… I’ll put that off as long as I can. Still have weirdo dreams but not as vivid as before.

Maternity Clothes: I think I’m about to have to bite the bullet. My one-piece bathing suit was a little snug at the beach in Costa. Before I head back for my next trip at the end of this month I’m going to have to get a maternity one-piece! I like Targets’… so I’ll be ordering one soon. Oh Lordy…

Gender: I have no idea. Jacob still swears it’s a BOY. Eric says GIRL this week. The heart rate is 156… what do you think? I have no idea if you can really tell from that. We’ll find out NEXT MONTH!

Weight Gain: I lost 2 pounds!!! I have no idea how… I guess all the walking and working I did in Costa Rica (don’t worry I didn’t lift anything… I just walked a lot in the heat). I mean… I have eaten A LOT of carbs! But I’ve eaten A LOT of fiber too, so I guess it evens out if you know what I mean.

Stretch Marks: Not yet! My Tica (Costa Rican) friend kept making me put this cream on my belly to help it stretch easier… I guess she was worried about my stretch marks.

Real Talk: Moms just get each other. I’m so thankful for this journey that 2 years ago I never thought I would be on. I learned even more last week that regardless of culture, location, language, and background… moms understand each other. I got to see some of the women I’ve developed relationships with in Costa Rica over the year. When they found out I was pregnant, our connection instantly became deeper and more meaningful. There’s just something about being a mom. I mean, I’ve been Eric’s mom of course… but a mom that has experienced pregnancy just brings a different perspective. I got to hold a baby last week that was still in the womb when I met the mom last summer. She was thrilled to know that I would have one soon and she made me promise her that she could meet it.  Of course! Being a mom doesn’t require similar upbringings or circumstances… moms just get each other. It’s a really cool thing.

In other news… it’s SUPER fun to be pregnant with some of your besties!! 2 of my best friends are pregnant and it is just cool to talk real talk with them about their journeys. It’s going to be fun to have kiddos the same age. Maybe we can set up some arranged marriages if the genders work out correctly so we will be bound to each other for life… sounds like a good plan to me!


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