15 weeks preggers!

PhotoGrid_1426109431443Week 15 has arrived! That means only 25 weeks or so to go… AHHH! That’s not very many if you ask me. I mean… our first kiddo took over 91 weeks to get, so 25 is like a blink.

Size of the baby: The babe is a size of an APPLE or ORANGE this week (depending on the app you open)! That’s like a substantial fruit!! We are moving on up in the world. Apparently in the next like 3 weeks or so, the babe will double in size… so that means my tummy will too! Crazy things are happening this week – the boy or girl parts are developing this week! If it’s a girl, she already has eggs in her ovaries!!! WHAT?!?! That means our potential grandchildren are already in our baby! Is that not insane? Blows my mind. I mean… obviously it won’t be those exact eggs… but you know what I’m saying. The babe can now pee, it’s nervous system is developing, the cartilage is becoming bone, and so much more. They say it can begin to hear my heartbeat and my voice! That’s nuts! I hope it likes my singing in the car… I know it does!

Symptoms: Whew… I am feeling much better these days. I can actually stay awake past 8:00 at night. That’s a miracle! I am still hungry… all the time. Only feeling nauseous randomly… like after I eat way too much dip. My belly is growing! Gas, bloating, not fitting into jeans, sore abdomen, and more are also fun things accompanying me this days.

Cravings this week: I am still loving some CARBS and veggies – baked taters especially. I am also digging pop corn, salads, apples, Chick-fil-a wraps, Taco Bell, veggies, french fries, Cheerios, and more. I am still not wanting a lot of meat… especially hamburgers (still disgusting).

Sleeping: Sleeping just great!

Maternity Clothes: I’m going shopping this weekend! The number of jeans I can wear comfortably are rapidly decreasing. The other day while I was interpreting, I literally had to unbutton my pants so they didn’t bust. I went the rest of the day like that. You gotta do what you gotta do! So, this weekend while Jacob is in Costa Rica and Eric is at our church’s Disciple Now, I’m going maternity clothes shopping. I hear they are the most comfortable clothes ever so I’m looking forward to this new, limited wardrobe.

Gender: I still have no clue. Jacob still swears boy. Eric thinks girl this week.  The majority of our friends on Facebook said girl, but a lot friends we have seen in person have said boy. Who knows?

We will be heading to the doc on April 14th for the ultrasound, but won’t find out the gender until our gender reveal party our friends are throwing us on April 18th! So… the guessing will be settled then if the babe cooperates with the ultrasound technician. Cooperation is a little iffy… knowing the babe’s parents and everything. I guess we’ll see.

Stretch Marks:  Not yet. My friends have given me some advise for what to use to hopefully avoid getting them.  We are gonna try them out.

Real Talk: This past weekend, I (with my mom and bestie) went to a large craft show in downtown Birmingham. First of all, craft shows are really just all-you-can-eat buffets!! It was crazy! I ate so much homemade dip, cheese, and other samples I felt like a cow! This is actually what made me throw up later… I guess the babe couldn’t digest all those samples.  It was good either way! But, at the craft show, my mom bought the babe it’s first outfits. She cried. I giggled. It’s fun. Can’t wait for the babe to wear them.  Some sweet and some sass…


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