17 weeks preggo!

PhotoGrid_1427340656189I am 17 weeks preggers! Woo hoo! We are trucking right along. You are welcome for the candid photo/selfie. It was a crazy, busy day… week. I feel like I blinked at some point on Monday and when my eyelids opened it was Wednesday night…

BUT… as you can see there has been a baby bump spotting. The random feeling of the belly has commenced.

Size of the baby: The babe is a size of a TURNIP or the OPEN PALM OF YOUR HAND. Not super exciting measurements… but that’s what ya get. The babe is just growing! It’s gaining body fat and is on the brink of a quick growth spurt… woo hoo. It’s brain is taking over controlling the body functions including the heart rate… which is pretty cool.

Symptoms: The belly is poking on out there. I still have random barfing sessions… strange. It’s when I realize I’m hungry, don’t put food in my mouth within 5 seconds… then I barf. Ironic, huh? I barf because the baby is hungry… why wouldn’t it retain the food it has in there? Come on now. SUPER DUPER hungry… all the time. I feel like I have a football player’s appetite. I have never been a snacker… I just like the full meals when I eat. But, I have had to become a snacker and have something with me all the time in case I suddenly feel like I’m starving to death.

***Y’all… I now have an outie belly button! Never in my life. I guess that’s what happens when your belly is being pushed outward… but that’s weird. Will my belly button ever be the same again??? I don’t know… maybe so. Other strange things are happening with the bod… but I’ll keep it to myself. Wink.

Cravings this week: Same ol’ same ol’ – APPLES. BAKED TATERS. Chick-Fil-A wraps. Taziki’s pasta special. pickles. POPCORN. TOMATOES. PASTA. SALAD. Yep… I think that’s good enough.  I’ll still eat anything but hamburgers… not appetizing.

Sleeping: Sleeping good.  Having some strange dreams still. Still not peeing a ton at night… maybe I need to drink more water. BUT… I’m a little concerned. I’m going to Costa Rica on Friday (more of that below) and will be sleeping in a hammock. I’m a bit concerned about peeing in the middle of the night – getting out of the hammock… peeing in the dark in the village… and then launching myself back into the hammock.  Should be interesting.  If there’s pee near my hammock… it wasn’t me.

Maternity Clothes: WHY DO WE WEAR ANYTHING BUT MATERNITY CLOTHES??? Whoever invented buttons on pants needs to be punished! Elastic waistbands are the way to go! There is no shame or guilt after you eat a big meal… no muffin tops or hang over bellies… it’s all just cocooned inside the elastic-ness. Also… I’m a huge fan of leggings now. I will never judge anyone for wearing leggings again… unless they are see through or just really, really don’t need to be wearing leggings without covering up some essential parts.

Gender: Jacob and Eric still say BOY. We’ll see! I still have no clue.

Weight Gain: I don’t know… I would assumed by the size of my stomach and the amount of the cravings I mentioned before that I have indeed gained some weight. I don’t really like scales so I guess we’ll just see next month when we go back to the doc.

Stretch Marks: Not today… and hopefully not in the future. Mom said she didn’t get any… so here’s hoping I don’t either.

Real Talk: So… I’m heading to Costa Rica again on Friday, and I am so pumped. Next week, Jacob and I will be leading one of our favorite trips. On this particular trip, we will hike 2 hours in the Costa Rican rainforest to a village called Altamira. This village was just reached with the Gospel in the past decade. Their understanding and application of the Bible is still in the beginning stages. Polygamy is a popular lifestyle there. Women do not know their worth in Christ fully. Men haven’t truly learned how to be spiritual leaders in their families. Marriage is a foreign concept to many of them. This is where we went on our first trip to Costa Rica 2 years ago… and it will forever have our hearts.

Fun fact – we will be leading 2 awesome groups on this trip! The first group is from our former church in Troy! Cannot wait to see and serve with those people. The second group on this trip is from our current church in Trussville! So cool… our 2 worlds colliding and doing Kingdom work together. Only God! I have GREAT expectations for this trip.

I’ll be in Costa Rice from Friday until April 11. I really am truly excited about going back. Many people don’t agree that I should be travel and doing all of this while I’m pregnant… but I frankly don’t care. God’s got me and the babe here in Alabama… and he has us in Costa Rica. He’s the same God no matter where I am. These 2 weeks/trips will be tough. They are both a lot of work, full of intentional relational ministry, a lot of logistics involved (requiring my pregnant brain to cooperate), several hours of playing with kiddos, and I’m going to need a lot of energy each day.  I know God will provide all I need. He’s enough.

Pray again motion sickness (flights and riding in cars… gonna be a lot of driving on Sunday).  Pray for extraordinary energy and patience. Pray for Eric as he stays with his grandparents… that he would have a great, relaxing Spring Break getting spoiled and loved on. Pray for Jacob as he heads home on April 4. Pray he has time to rest and process all the Lord has shown him on his trip. Pray that people are saved, loved for, and lives are changed because of Jesus through our mission teams!

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