20 weeks – it’s a BOY!!!!


It’s a BOY!!!!! Eli Stephen Morgan will be making his arrival sometime around September 1! We couldn’t be more excited! Our friends threw us a gender reveal party on Saturday! We went to the doctor and somehow didn’t know the gender until we saw the colored powder explode out of the wiffle ball! So fun!! That’s much more exciting than a lab tech telling you boy or girl… and we were able to find out with Eric and the rest of our family/friends!

Since I haven’t done one of these in a few weeks due to NO Wifi in Costa Rica and no time, I’ll fill ya in.

Size of the baby: Eli (love that I don’t have to just call him ¨the babe¨ or it anymore… HE has a name!) is now the size of a BANANA! Woohoo! He is 10.5 ounces and 10 inches long! The doc said Eli was developing perfectly and that she didn’t have any concerns at this point! Hooray! Everything was measuring correctly including organ/brain development! Yay Jesus!

Symptoms: Belly is growing! Hungry all the time – because I have a MORGAN BOY in my belly! They are not small people!! Motion sickness is still alive and well, but thank the good Lord for Zofran! I have started to feel Eli move around!! So cool! It feels like bubbles inside of me. So crazy! I have thrown up a couple more times randomly. I think it was my pre-natal vitamins. Every time I would take the ones I had, I would through up. So, I bought me some yummy gummies for my vitamins. Doing much better now! Thumbs up. There’s other fun things that are happening as well… size of things are changing, organs are growing, belly button is OUT, hair (everywhere) is growing, and so much more!

Cravings this week: Same ol’ yumminess of carbs and saltiness – Chick-Fil-A wraps, pickles, pasta, popcorn, salads, baked potatoes, tomatoes. I have not wanted sweets… even sweet tea is too sweet for me (CRAZY, right?). I thought I wanted a hamburger last night… it was a bad decision.  I don’t want another one.

Sleeping: Pretty good. Strange dreams still. I am officially getting up to pee… it’s usually about 4:00 am if you were curious.  I made it through the hiking trip in Costa Rica without having to get up while it was still dark to pee. That made me a bit nervous… so I’m thankful for the bladder didn’t get too full.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes. I love them.  Maternity pants are the best… no shame when you eat too much or your belly is growing. It’s good stuff.

Gender: BOY!!!! Woohoo!! We are all so pumped! Eric is so excited to have a little brother. He was a little worried it was going to be a girl and he would have to play with dolls and Barbies (because he’s gonna be a great brother).  He is glad it’s a boy.  Now, we’ll have a Big E and a Little E.  We didn’t pick Eli because we already have an E. We’ve just always loved that name and it’s just worked out nicely.

Weight Gain: Well… 5 lbs – 2 lbs + 8 lbs (oops) = 11 lbs. So… I’ve gained 11 lbs total. That’s right on target!! My doc didn’t get on to me, so I accomplished my goal so far! I didn’t expect to have gained 8 lbs this time after being so active in Costa Rica on my trips… but I guess it was all the yummy food, Lizano salsa, and Costa Rican coffee!

Stretch Marks: Nope… still clear.

Real Talk: We had an AMAZING gender reveal party! It was so fun. We are SO SO SO thankful for our wonderful friends and family who celebrate and walk through life with us at every step. Here’s some pictures from the party!


Team Bella! These are the peeps who thought the babe was a girl! They were wrong… but they’re still cute. The Morgans were with both groups so that the babe wouldn’t see the pictures later and think we didn’t want them, ya know?


Team Eli! This was the winning team. Apparently a lot of people thought/knew it was a boy! As my friend Kelli said, ¨You are a boy momma… you just are!¨ I’ll take it.  I know one day I’ll have me a little girl to spoil (adopted or bio), but for now I am LOVING being a boy momma! 1508144_10101159966375086_5660420617129282903_n

My family… all 4 of us! Love them all so much. So thankful.11138534_10101159966749336_8282522191937047688_n

Lindsey Jo, Abe (in the belly), me, Eli (in the belly).  They are gonna be BFFs!! Ljo is due in June! We are boy mommas and we love it! 11164729_10101159967627576_2157564534284773219_n

My precious friends who were able to make it to the party. So thankful for every one of them.  I was able to Skype/Facetime with the ones who weren’t able to make it. I couldn’t ask for better friends. 11128614_10101159968276276_7638420411455011852_n

The fam with their blue boy ties! 11173398_10101159969199426_7520419748889808824_n

Look at that smile!!

10985443_10101159969329166_6576662485670903123_oThankful for these girls who worked so hard to plan and put on this party! It was a perfect day. We are so blessed and thankful! So fun to celebrate Eli even now.

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