24 weeks!! Pregnancy Post

PhotoGrid_1431288132423Size of Eli: Eli is the size of a PAPAYA or an EAR OF CORN!! I think PAPAYA is much cuter than an EAR OF CORN. He’s over 1 pound now and his little organs are developing like crazy! His brain, lungs, and blood vessels are maturing.  That’s so neat! He can also tell if he is in the light or the dark, he can hear our voices/music, and can respond to different things! So crazy!

Symptoms: Hungry!!!! Growing belly… aka I’m getting large!! My hair (EVERYWHERE) and nails are growing like crazy! Pregnancy brain… it’s real! I am forgetful at times anyways, but now I can’t remember my own birth date. Hopefully that goes away or Jacob might kill me. ha.

Cravings this week: Taziki’s… it’s so delicious! Baked potatoes… I’ve eaten 4 this week!! YUMMY! Anything pickle… but that’s normal it’s just intensified – I’ll eat them straight out of the jar, in chip form, or whatever! Food in general (besides hamburgers) is great… those are just my favs.

PSA: The Chick-fil-a near my house is CLOSED for the WHOLE month of May!!!! How can this be?!?! I’m very disturbed by this. I guess I will survive without the wrap for a little while…

Sleeping: Sleeping great! Strange, strange, strange dreams!

Weight Gain: I go to the doc tomorrow… hopefully not too much! I have eaten a lot, but I think Eli consumed it immediately because I was still  hungry. I don’t think I’ve gained that much… but I guess we’ll see.

Fun Stuff: We have started talking about nursery stuff!! So exciting! I’m not really a theme-y person.  I have a map of Africa and a cool animal hanging thing that I want to base the room off of. Jacob is also going to do a pallet wall behind his crib… how cool will that be? His bedding will probably be hunter green and maroon… I think that will look good with the decorations. I also have some things I love from Africa, Costa Rica, and Jamaica that could go in there. So basically it will be like a manly missionary baby room. Sounds good, huh? That’s the ¨plan¨ anyways.

Upcoming: Well… we are moving into a new home THIS WEEK!!! I am SO SO SO pumped!! I advise all people to move when they’re pregnant because… guess what? You aren’t suppose to lift anything so you just get to tell whoever is lifting where things go!! Sounds like a plan to me! Lots is going to be going on… can’t wait to show you our new home.

Real Talk: Mother’s Day was yesterday. I am so thankful for my 2 boys… and my dogs… who made me a momma. Holidays like that are hard for Eric because his heart is so torn at times. I am so thankful for his biological momma. She chose to have him. She gave him life. She gave him to a children’s home that would hopefully give him a better life than she could provide. She gave him a name and brother. He knew her face… and knew her as his mom. My heart hurts for him.

So yesterday I told him, ¨Eric, I know days like this might be hard for you. I want you to know that I am thankful for your mom in Belize. I am thankful that she had you. I think about her daily and pray for her constantly. I am so grateful I get to be your mom, too. I am so glad you are my son forever and that I am a part of your life.¨ He sat there for a minute and said, ¨Thank you…¨ That’s all he needed to say. I know his heart is hurting and that’s ok. My heart hurts with him. I know he loves me and is thankful for me, but he’ll always have a momma he knew first and she will always have an important part in his… and our story.

I am thankful for all mommas everywhere… birth mothers especially! I’m praying for your hearts today.

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