25 weeks!! Pregnancy Post

PhotoGrid_1432310921607Size of Eli: Eli is a size of a TURNIP this week! And… get this… my uterus is the size of a SOCCER BALL! Isn’t that great? I don’t know how I feel about having a SOCCER BALL in my belly squishing all my organs around. Trust me… I feel some foreign organs bulging out of my rib cage! Not comfortable.

This week Eli’s nostrils are opened, he has color in his hair (I wonder what it is?!?!), and his skin is thickening up.

Symptoms: Eli is kicking me like crazy!! It’s the craziest and coolest feeling! Sometimes I think he’s hosting the Olympics on my bladder… it’s intense! I think he may be hyper-active… can’t imagine where that comes from! I’m still HUNGRY… all.the.time. My belly is growing like crazy. PREGNANCY BRAIN is real. So so real. I am also becoming my clumsy. I think my judgment is off. Is that a pregnancy thing or just me being tired? I don’t know… but I’m blaming it on the babe.

Cravings this week: Still wanting baked potatoes, Taziki’s Friday Special (it sucks when your craving is only available on the weekend), apples, anything with pickles… or pickled favor.

Sleeping: I’m sleeping good! Strange dreams but sleeping great!

Weight Gain: I didn’t get in trouble at the doc last week so that’s great news! I’ve only gained about 15-18 pounds so I am very happy with that!! Hope it continues!

Fun Stuff: We started Eli’s registry! That is overwhelming. Why are there 5 million kinds of bottles? Not that I’m registering for bottles… or diapers… or clothes… because that’s kinda obvious! We picked out the bedding and crib  and all that fun stuff, so that’s exciting! I honestly have no idea what we need… I think it’s just a guessing game. We’ll figure it out… hopefully.

Eric is officially on summer break!!! He did AMAZING in the 8th grade and ended this 9 weeks with fantastic grades. We are so so proud of him! I can’t believe he is going to be in high school in a few months… kind of freaks me out! We’ll have a new born and a high schooler! Why not?!?! So extremely thankful he is our son!

We also got word that the FINAL ADOPTION DECREE was granted by the Belize Supreme Court!!! PRAISE JESUS! That was the very last step on the Belize side of things. He’s officially ours forever! Now… once we get that decree in our hands, we can start the process here to get his name changed to Eric Morgan!! He’s already a Morgan… but we can’t want to get that changed legally and forever!

Also, more fun news… WE MOVED!!! We were able to move to the neighborhood I LOVE and to the school zone that we really wanted Eric to go to high school… and Eli will get to walk to Elementary school which is AWESOME! More on the house and all that later! It’s amazing and we are so grateful… God is so faithful and beyond good.


Upcoming: On Tuesday I have to go do the Glucose test. That will be fun I”m sure. Hopefully I pass and don’t have to do that again.

On Wednesday, we head to Costa Rica! I can’t believe it got here so quick! Eric and I will be there until July 1 and Jacob stays through July 24. Pray for us as we go. We are so excited to go and serve again as a family.  Pray for wisdom, perseverance, grace for others, and dependence on God. Pray that people are saved, that our groups are unified, that pastors/churches are blessed, and the Lord is glorified through it all! Keep up with us on this blog! I’ll post updates as I can.

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  1. Y’all looking good wish all of y’all would call just got over 2 pneumonia love the pic 25 weeks when y’all get back please lets get together with all of my kids and y’all love dad

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