33 weeks – Pregnancy Post

Well it’s been a little while since I posted my belly info… like 8 weeks to be exact.  Here’s a recap of some belly pictures:


Size of Eli: Eli is the size of a PINEAPPLE or HONEYDEW MELON this week! He is growing like a crazy man! Lots of things have happened  developmentally since I last blogged about the babe. I haven’t had time to blog about it, but it’s been so cool to read about on the Apps and to talk about with Jacob.  It’s so crazy how the human in me is truly being a baby that can function outside my body. I know that’s a ¨duh¨ thing, but it’s incredible to experience.

Symptoms: fatter! I still feel great… just large. I am not having problems breathing or major heartburn issues (thank the Lord). I do get winded at random times but not too bad. My hair and nails are growing like crazy still thanks to those awesome vitamins. He is kicking and moving like crazy. He is ALL on the right side of my body. Like.. come on! You have so much wasted room… no need to crowd my right hip/rib/kidney. He’s also hiccuping which is pretty crazy feeling. The hiccups just started this week, so I can’t wait for Jacob to feel that.

My fingers and toes have swelled some. My wedding ring doesn’t fit now… sorry Jacob.  I haven’t noticed my ankles getting too big yet. Hoping that continues.

Cravings this week: Well I still want baked potatoes as usual. I am loving some fruit – grapes, apples, and plums especially. I was loving mangoes in Costa Rica… until I ate one out of the peel and found out I am allergic to the peel! Craziness! It’s related to poison ivy, so I had whelps all over my face… real cute.  I have been wanting more sweets that I was… maybe it’s because there’s always a shortage of sweets when we are leading trips.

Sleeping: Still sleeping good! Hooray! I have to pee a couple of times during the night but it’s usually at 12:30am when I’m making Eric is in bed and then at like 5:00 when Walter thinks he needs to get up and start the day.  So… that works out well.

Weight Gain: I only gained 5 lbs while in Costa Rica! Yahoo! That rice and bean diet will do it to ya! I’m a little nervous to go back to the doc next week after my return to baked potatoes, french fries, pasta, and sweet tea.  Yikes.

Fun Stuff: Lots of fun stuff has happened! So many exciting things in Costa Rica. So many conversations started with other mommas because they are preggers too. So many prayers prayed over my baby. So many dips in the Pacific Ocean. So many memories with this belly.

Another fun thing is we added another member to the Morgan family. Meet Lancer. I know… we are crazy. Whatever. Eric has been BEGGING for a dog since we got him home. We have been telling him that once we got a house with more room and a fenced-in back yard we would consider it. Well… the time had come. So… it was now or never.  I decided I wanted to go ahead and bit the bullet now so by the time that Eli arrived I was only cleaning human baby poop up and not puppy poop as well.  Eric is pumped. Lancer adores Eric! I think it will be a great thing… just gotta get through the house training stage.


Upcoming: Jacob comes home next Friday and I CANNOT WAIT!! I just like when he’s around and I feel lost when he’s not. So… I’ll be so glad when he’s home! And… we can get ready to have this baby! Ahh!

Also… super fun upcoming thing… I’m having my first baby shower on Sunday!!! HOW INSANE! I had an adoption shower for Eric, but that didn’t freak me out like a baby shower.  I’m pretty clueless about all this stuff.  I’m just learning as I go, so it should be fun.  I can’t wait to celebrate Eli with my family and friends! Eli is already spoiled and loved and he’s not even out of the womb yet!! Love it!

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  1. Love love seeing all of your and Kay’s pics about everything. I love your Mom she is great. I know Eric is feeling like wow this puppy is MINE. Best wishes in everything

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