37/38 Weeks Preggers! The final countdown…


Eli is staying put for now! Nothing is happening yet, per the doctor. So, we’ll just wait and see when he wants to make his grand entrance… or exit!

Size of Eli: Well… one app says he’s as big as a SWISS CHARD and the other says a LEEK.  I have no idea what either of those are, so we’ll just call him BIG! The ultra sound tech said he was measuring about 7.3 lbs… give or take a pound – what does that even mean? He could be 6 or he could be 8? I just don’t get it.  So I asked her if he baked for the full time, we could have a 9 pounder… she said it was possible, but would probably be about 8.5.  So… we’ll see.

I also asked about the size of his head… because Morgan boys have big o heads. I asked her if it was abnormally large. She said it wasn’t abnormal… but it was in the larger percentile… bigger that 50% and smaller than 90%. Well… great.

Symptoms: large belly. swollen feet, ankles, wrists, fingers. numb fingers. Peeing a lot. Loss of mercy (I have lost all mercy this last month… so sorry). Achy. NESTING like a mad woman! And so excited to meet our lil’ Eli!

He is squirming all the time… and it doesn’t feel all cutesy any more. Boy is big so it’s kinda painful. I’m so grateful he is moving and wiggling, but sometimes he pushes in all directions at the same time and it’s just not comfortable.

Cravings this week: I just like food. Food is good. Baked potatoes and Taziki’s Friday Special are still my #1’s. People say you will have to eat smaller meals because you’ll run out of room… I’ve only experienced that once. Other than that… I just like food.  I did eat a hamburger… and it was good!

Sleeping: Sleeping good… except for that cute lil’ puppy we got. Pregnancy isn’t keeping me up, but sweet ol’ Lancer is preparing all of us for middle-of-the-night wake up calls.

Weight Gain: Yea… I’ve gained. I think total it’s been 35-40, which makes me feel yucky.  It’s okay though – never thought I would say that.  I know my body will never be exactly the same, but I know that I will work hard to lose the weight and feel good again. Can’t wait to push that stroller full of my baby around the neighborhood for some exercise! Is that silly to look forward to? I don’t know… I’ve just always thought would be like the greatest thing ever! Can’t wait to try it out.

Fun Stuff: Eli gave us no good pictures during the ultra sound. I think he’s too cramped in there to really cooperate. I mean… he had a hand AND a foot in his face when she was trying to show us his cute face.  He showed us his junk… still a boy… and we did get to see that he has hair!! So fun! We just all want to know if the hair is brown or red… that is the question! That spiky stuff in the picture is his hair!


We had 2 more sweet showers for Eli. Our Troy family had one for us and our Sunday School class hosted one for us this past weekend.  It was SO great to see so many of our Troy friends. We felt beyond loved and so blessed! We are so thankful Eli is already loved… and a little bit spoiled.  Here’s some pictures:

PhotoGrid_1439171839160 (1)

The beautiful hostesses

20150809_153749 (1) 20150809_153807 (1) 20150809_153846 (1) 20150809_153920 (2)
20150809_144928 (1)

IMG950495 20150809_153147 (1)

Ms Lisa made me a lovely hat with the bows and ribbons from the presents.  Aren’t I lovely?

Upcoming: Well… now that we are in the home stretch, ¨upcoming¨ looks like GET EVERYTHING READY! We are doing the final things to the nursery… which I’m SO excited about! We are getting the hospital bag ready… which stresses me a bit. We are making sure all the things we’ll need immediately are set up and ready to go – bassinet, clothes washed, bottles washed/ready, car seat installed (still needs to come in…), monitor set up and working, etc.

The Big Question – AM I READY?: This is the question I get asked at least twice a day. Am I ready? I am ready to meet Eli… this precious little boy that I love so much and have never seen. I am so excited for Eli to be here and a part of our family. I’m ready for my body to go back to semi-normal. I am ready to begin this next phase and figure it out each day with Jacob. I’m ready to see Eric with his little brother… I know Eli is just going to adore him! I’m ready to be a family of 4. I’m ready for early morning snuggles and late night rocks. I’m ready for big changes. I’m ready for the house to be filled with baby laughter… and some crying. I’m ready to see Jacob in baby daddy mode… he is such a great dad with Eric I just can’t imagine him with Eli, too. I’m ready for baby skin smells (even the bad smells). I’m ready to show him off. I’m ready for strolls around the neighborhood. Yes, I’m ready for him to be here… for us to smother him with love and craziness.

But… I’m so not ready in so many ways. The little things – the hospital bag isn’t packed. The car seat isn’t here. The nursery is 100% finished. The house isn’t as clean as I want it to be. But… I’m not ready in other ways too. I’m not ready for the aftermath of birth… physically… everything just sounds so disgusting and weird. We aren’t fully ready for the sleepless nights and the unexplained crying. I’m not completely ready for my agenda to get rocked by a tiny human. I’m nervous about breastfeeding, about figuring out a schedule, about making sure his car seat and all other equipment is safe, about sleeping patterns… and all the other unknowns.

But… we are ready for this boy. We’ll do our best. We’ll do what we feel we are suppose to do… what works for our family… what we feel the Lord telling us to do… and we’ll do all we know to do. So… here’s to the final countdown.

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