Eli’s Nursery!

Eli’s nursery is COMPLETE! He really can come whenever he’s ready now.

I’m REALLY excited about how his nursery turned out.  My hubby is the BOMB and made the pallet wall and the book shelf.  We used decor from different places we’ve traveled instead of buying new things for the walls/shelves. We figured since he’s going to be a world traveler (sorry kiddo… you have no choice), his room should reflect his adventures. The bedding is a not-so-themey animal print with different patterns on the shirts and bed skirt.  I love it. So… we’ve dubbed the room Eli’s Manly Missionary Safari.

Here’s some pictures of Eli’s room:


There it is. I’m pumped. Can’t wait to fill that bed with a chunky little guy, fill the picture frames with precious photos, and fill the room with a little boy’s mess! It’s gonna be a blast!

Pray for us as we wait on our Eli. Pray that we are prepared as possible and that we cherish every moment we have as a family of 3. Pray for Eric as he gets ready to be a big brother. Pray that he would love Eli and know how much Eli is going to adore him!

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