We have a high schooler! Eric Update!

20150812_071507And… we have a high schooler! Is he not the most handsome 9th grader you’ve ever seen?

He definitely has his own style and I Iove it! He loves shirts with designs on them, jogger pants, bright socks, hats, specific hair styles (TWISTS), and cologne. He’s very opinionated and against some styles for himself – shorter shorts for boys, baggy/saggy pants, plain shirts, and football stuff. Ha.

Having a high school is a fun, exciting, and crazy roller coaster already. I’m sure all parents of teenagers can agree. Eric is a champ. He’s still adjusting to a new country (it’s only been a year and a half), a new school again, a new house, an upcoming new baby bro, and everything in between. High school is its own beast. Bigger school, bigger kids sharing the hall, more pressure, more homework, more stress on grades and GPA, new locker combination, new student ID number, new teachers, new classes (ALL OVER THE BUILDING), and so much more. He’s battling the fears and emotions of going to a new school… the RIVAL school of where he went for 8th grade. This rivalry is intense… Jacob and I understand it fully.  He’s heard all the bad things about his new school from going to the opposing school for a year.  So, now he’s having to de-bunk all this junk he’s heard… his new school is having to basically prove itself to him.  So, of course, no school is perfect, high schoolers are moody and clique-ish, and all expectations can never be met!

As parents do, we asked everyday how his days went… and each day his response was “it was okay.” We never know what that means. It could mean great, but he’s just being a teenager and not wanting to explain his whole day to his parents. It could mean that it was really bad and he hates it and he’s really hurting inside.  It could really mean it was okay… all is well and it was okay. What are parents to do? Just pray and keep asking I guess!

Good news… he’s doing great! The first week was super stressful… just getting used to everything NEW. His whole demeanor has changed since the first few days from overwhelmingly stressed/figuring life out to cool, relaxed, and a regular ol’ high school boy! Praise the Lord… some days can be rough. Some days parents make things worse and add to the high school hormones and it’s just not a good day for anyone. But those days pass…

He’s taking some pretty cool classes along with his general ed classes… Art, Graphic Design, and Career Prep.  I’m really excited about all he’s learning and how it’s preparing him for the future. So crazy! If you don’t know, his dream job is designing video games. He has the opportunity to take 4 years of Art and Graphic Design and really set him up to do just that if that’s what he wants to do when it’s all said and done! How awesome is that?

OPEN HOUSE – Last night we were able to go to Open House for our 9th grader! It was fun to meet his teachers, tell them we are Eric’s parents, see their reactions, and get to talk with them! Haha! They were all so complimentary of Eric. They ALL said, “He is such a cool kid and has a great heart!” And… it’s true. He really is and really does.

They also told us how talkative he is in class/school! Praise God! If you REALLY know Eric, you know that he is super talkative, hilarious, and has his own personality that just shines.  We didn’t know how he acted at school, so it was SUCH a relief  and so good to know that he lets everyone else experience how awesome he is. Makes my heart happy. Even if he gets in trouble for talking… I’m okay with that. I’d much rather him be talking, making friends, and all that than being anti-social. That’s just my opinion.

So, we have a high schooler and we couldn’t love him more!

Please pray for our Eric as he continues in his Freshman year.

Pray for GOOD friendships that bring him closer to Christ.

Pray for determination in his studies, good grades, and strengthened confidence in his classes.

Pray that he would love and bond with Eli quickly and that he would grasp how important he is to his little brother and how much Eli will adore him.

Pray that he would continue to know and love the Lord and that he would being a catalyst of change in his school… he has the opportunity to share LIFE and LIGHT.

Pray that he know continues to learn and accept how much he is loved and how proud we are of him.

We love this life. We love being his mom and dad. Pray that we would parent him with wisdom, love, joy, patience, understanding, and a lot of fun all mixed together.


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